Data miners found that at least 38 N64 games and 52 SEGA Genesis games are planned for Nintendo Switch Online

By now, you may already know the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack that was launched last night. This is not surprising, but data miners are already working hard to drill down into the files of the updated Nintendo Switch Online to see what is usually hidden from the public.

Well, data mining has managed to find something interesting. According to the list of games in each retro library, at least 38 Nintendo 64 games and 52 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games are planned for the service. I don’t know if this is all they will add. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the names of games that are not yet included in the list. There are numbers reserved for the game, but the name is missing, only a space.

There is another thing found in these two game lists, but it is not surprising. The first few digits of the game ID in the list are related to the console it comes from. NES is 1, SNES is 2, Nintendo 64 is 3, and SEGA Mega Drive is 5. This means that at least one retro game library is about to land on Nintendo Switch Online, and it is highly suspected to be a Game Boy game.

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