David Lynch’s sand dunes were blown up, but they still shaped every sci-fi movie

Frank Herbert’s Epic Science Fiction dune It has been considered unfilmable for decades. Mainly because it is a huge and complex book, its narrative rarely goes the way you expect, and it is full of extraordinary images-from deadly sandworms to mutated space navigators.By 2021, the only feature film version dune It is an infamous adaptation of the surrealist master David Lynch. To this day, Lynch does not recognize it. Although it is starring Kyle McLachlan!

Dennis Villeneuve-Director Killer, arrive, with Blade Runner 2049 — Decided to accept the challenge of bringing Dune back to the big screen. This task seems particularly difficult, because it almost put Lynch’s career in a difficult position before Lynch’s career actually began.

In this week’s Galactic brain, Jonah Rai and I joined one of the new stars dune, David Dastmalchian, talk about what makes Dune so important in 2021, and how this movie compares to the original 1984 classic.

As always, this conversation has been edited and it doesn’t sound so strange anymore.

Dave: You are in a very unique situation because you have seen Dennis Villeneuve explain the book in this movie, but you have also worked with David Lynch. You are in Shuangfeng, and you have seen his creative process. Of course, Lynch was the first to try to adapt these masterpieces, this series of books. What do you think of their unique creative process? Can you compare these two visionary directors in any way?

David: Absolutely, absolutely. There are many similarities between the two artists. Fundamentally, the biggest similarity lies in their hearts and their humanity. They are both incredible and very empathetic. I think the other thing that is very similar between the two of them is watching them close and working personally. The power and confidence of their vision is something they know well, just like in their DNA, so there is no problem. It is their ability to communicate without stuttering.

Jonah: So when the head of the department comes, it’s like Hey, we have this option and this option, They can all say, Oh this.

David: Absolutely. But because of so much love and kindness, those department heads and all other actors and other artists who helped collaborate feel safe and can swagger to bring them big choices. And they are both aliens. I know Dennis much better than David. I only stayed with David for a few weeks, but both of them have something otherworldly and it’s hard to put your fingers on other people. I would sit behind David Lynch in my actor chair while he was in front of the monitor, and I would be between shots or other things. I want to say in my heart, If you can hear me now, I think you can give me a gesture. We are in this casino in the middle of the desert. I sit there and I am sending a signal. I’m not scolding you, he turned around and nodded at me like a smile. And then back to work, I was like, I knew it.

Dave: So you stepped on some big shoes in this movie. Brad Dourif plays your role as Piter in the first movie. Have you reviewed that performance? Have you made any notes there, or are you upset about playing the lifelike role of one of the greatest actors of all time in the first movie?

David: Yes, for your second question, I am very scared. I am very nervous. I’m scared.But what you have to do as an actor is to remember how many people have played Tom Winfield Glass zoo? You must try to tell yourself, because that feeling is terrible. only one. Only Brad Dourif’s Piter de Vries.

So I did read this book, because I know Dennis is a loyal supporter of this book and a loyal supporter of this book, this book will be an important source of material for me. I think Pete in Dennis’s version is less than in David’s version. I think this is a very, very, very different approach to Piter and Harkkonens and the whole story, in a very incredible and beautiful way in my opinion. But I hope that if Brad sees this movie at some point, he will think what I did is interesting because he is one of the acting heroes I really admire and admire.

Dave: Brad, if you listen to this for the love of God, text David and tell him he is doing a great job.