Days Gone director details what the sequel will include

in an interview usa today game vertical for victory (FTW), former Sony Bend Studio director Jeff Ross details what he’d like to see in Days Gone’s sequel that never got approved.

Ross and FTW A story about his philosophy of creating the game, Days Gone’s creation, and what he thinks was right and wrong with the project. He also talked about iterations in the game, which he hopes to do in a potential sequel to the open-world zombie/motorcycle adventure. Comparing Days Gone to other popular franchises, Ross points to how the Batman: Arkham series or Uncharted builds on these ideas and features over the course of the installment. “So you create the minimum viable entry point, and then hopefully you can build the second one,” Ross said, “because you’re not arguing about the base, you’re arguing about the epic new idea you’re going to put in.” Potential Days Gone A sequel will be an opportunity for directors to “create the final version,” an opportunity to retain and expand what works and change what doesn’t.

It looks like Deacon will be in the spotlight all the time in Days Gone 2 with his wife Sarah. Ross joins FTW to ponder where the couple is headed. “Yes, they’re together again, but maybe they’re not happy,” Jeff said. “Okay, what can we do with it? Well, we’re married before the end of the world, but what about the future?” They’ve also mastered some of the higher-end NERO technology used by the government to make survivors more capable of fighting one floor. Ross also revealed a brain element that didn’t carry forward, saying, “Obviously, we’re going to keep this bike.”

As for improvements to the original system, animals have more to do in the wild. Ross wants to give bears some action, like digging through trash or expanding how wolves hunt for prey. Human NPCs, whether enemies or allies, should have more dynamic behavior. As for the ability to improve the deacon, Jeff said that the protagonist could have been swimming, but due to the technical limitations of the first game, it was impossible.

Various information about Jeff Ross’ experience at Sony Bend and his thoughts on game development and Days Gone, Read the full interview By Kirk McKeand in USA Today’s FTW. Want more Days Gone stories? Good because Jeff Ross has been talking about this game for the last week. Read on for potential sales figures for Days Gone, as well as the never-before-seen open-world resistance title.

[Source: USA Today FTW]