Days Gone director says game sold as well as Tsushima, but management let it down

It was announced yesterday that Ghost of Tsushima has sold over 8 million copies worldwide since its release last July, a milestone that Sony and developer Sucker Punch are certainly proud of. However, you know what? the days are gone Also selling well? That’s what game directors want you to know.

on twitter, Days Gone director Jeff Ross pointed out that Bend’s game sold as well as Ghost of Tsushima, but Sony made the team feel that the sales weren’t good enough.

“When I left Sony [in 2020], Days Gone has been out for a year and a half (one month) and has sold over 8 million copies,” Ross said. “It’s continued to sell since then, and then it sold over 1 million copies on Steam. The management of the local studio always leaves us very disappointed. ”

Ross went on to say that the studio “plans to make a great sequel to the original,” which Sony reportedly axed due to mixed reviews for the first game.

According to a report from Blomberg last year, the studio was not tasked with making a sequel, but a new Uncharted title. This led to a small exodus of the studio, as many staff feared the studio would merge into Naughty Dog at some stage.

Days Gone received mixed reviews when it launched, but has since found a soft spot in the hearts of the wider gaming audience — especially on Steam, where it received “very positive” reviews from players. Crucially, the game currently has a 71 rating on Metacritic, which Ross says doesn’t make much sense as to whether a sequel is warranted.

“Even the first Killzone got a 70 on metacritic, but the sequel made a comeback with a 91,” he said. “You have to crawl, then you can walk, and then you can walk, and then you can run.”