DC Comics announces that Superman is abandoning “and the American way” as the motto of inclusiveness

As a man of tomorrow, Superman fights for all mankind. DC Comics CCO and publisher Jim Lee brought this message home at the 2021 DC FanDome, when he announced that Iron Man’s long-term motto would be changed.

“To better reflect the storyline we tell in DC, and to commemorate Superman’s incredible legacy of building a better world over 80 years, Superman’s motto is constantly evolving,” Li said. “For a long time, Superman has always been a symbol of hope that inspires people. It is this optimism and hope that drives him to propose a new mission statement: truth, justice and a better tomorrow.”

Superman has always been “faster than a locomotive”, “can leap over tall buildings”, and fight for “truth, justice, and the American way.” Or, this is what popular popular culture assumes. In fact, the entire “Look, in the sky!” speech containing Superman’s motto was only compiled when he flew (jumping over the tall buildings at once) to the radio.And for The Adventures of Superman Throughout the radio series that aired in the 1940s, the WOR-AM writer imagined that this comic book hero was fighting for “the fight for truth and justice, never ending”, nothing more.

As many historians and creators have pointed out over the years, the paranoia of the Cold War has added an appendix to this phrase.When Clark Kent made his first appearance on live screen The Adventures of Superman In the TV series, his motto has been collided with the American way.Christopher Reeves got stuck in the wording Superman In 1978.

Now, DC Comics hopes to prepare for Superman in the next 80 years by rethinking this slogan. Earlier this week, it was reported that Jonathan Kent-the half-krypton son of Clark Kent and Louise Lane, and DC’s new Superman-will soon begin a same-sex romantic relationship. The preconceived notions of American heroes are changing, and like their iconic heroes, DC seems to be finally ready for this evolution.

The announcement is accompanied by a new art commemorating this change:

Image: DC Comics