DC kills Bruce Wayne’s Batman starts new Batman Beyond comics

I have never really been fascinated by anyone Beyond Batman Comics, but a 30-page preview story let me know that writers Jackson Lansing and Colin Kelly and artist Max Dunbar are coming soon Beyond Batman: New Year, Available in April.

My biggest obstacle is Beyond Batman When drawn with greater realism, the clothing becomes untenable. Terry McGinnis’s unique, simple silhouette may represent the lowest point of the DC animation universe style. Since then, its groundbreaking use of black has left an indelible mark on the costumes of the comic bat family. However, this illusion is shattered when you see Terry as a real person with anatomy instead of a Gothic Guby statuette.

In “Wake Up”, this week’s preview story Batman: Urban Legend #7, Dunbar and colorist Aditya Bidikar showed that you can make a more “home style” Beyond Batman Don’t sacrifice the stylization that makes the whole thing work visually.

Also, Bruce Wayne is dead, so That is A rather bold creative move.

What else happened in our favorite comic page? We will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, a list of the favorite books of Polygon’s weekly comic editors in the past week. It is partly a social page of superhero life, partly recommended for reading, and partly “look at this cool art”. There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (If you missed the previous edition, please read this.)

Photos: Jackson Lansing, Collin Kelly, Max Dunbar/DC Comics

“Wake up” made one a lot of As one of the first 30 pages Urban legend Collection issues. This comic provides readers with supporting characters and villains, the core concept of the future series (Terry became Batman’s first year without Bruce in his ears) and what the cartoon series has never done before: actually let Bruce describe it Why he is no longer Batman himself—just before he died.

Image: Evan Narcisse, Germán Peralta/Marvel Comics

One thing I hate so much is the timing of Ta-Nehisi Coates Panther Running means that Ryan Kugler’s films can borrow a lot from its design, and Coates can borrow directly in his final chapter. Panther The movie has huge facelifts on characters such as Killmonger, Nakia, and Man-Ape, and Coates uses his interstellar Wakanda Empire arc to introduce a set of space-born characters named after distant Wakanda characters, but without any Problematic continuity baggage.

The last annihilation: Wakanda Based on what Coates left behind, the completely caricature idea allows Mbaku to face the legacy of the super villain of the same name, while striving to go from the resistance fighters against the interstellar empire to the fighters of the new emperor Techara. Also, is he raising children? This is a great single-handedly.

On one page, the Russian astronaut dog Lycra floated out of her disintegrating spacecraft and turned into a psychedelic cube floating in space. It was also broken down into smaller cubes with Lycra inside.

Image: Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino/Image Comics

original, Jeff Lemire’s new six-issue miniseries (Sweets) And Andre Sorrentino (Joker: Killer Smile) Is a cold war thriller in which the first animals launched into space by the United States and Russia were kidnapped by some cosmic force. I don’t know where it will go, but hello boy, Sorrentino’s art is out of the chain in this painting.

Photo: Mathieu Gabella/Thierry Martin/DC Comics

Batman: World Like all anthologies, there are some memorable skipping ropes, but it also has some real gems. The real attraction here is that they can sample a group of international artists, writers and cartoonists when they tell the Batman story set in their own country. The French (above, the catwoman robbery in the Louvre, nature) And the Spanish team are my favorites.

Two young male characters-one with plants as hair and the other with big black feather wings-share longing looks and lovely kisses in Wynd #10 (2021), and then blush.

Image: James Tynion, Michael Dialynas/Image Comics

James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas Wind! Still so cute! I think the way I describe this is: She-Ra and the princess of power But on queer boy One side of the scale.


Image: Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins/DC Comics


This is the worm prince, the ambassador of the worm god, and he is my favorite comic book character.