DC’s Amazon trial is Wonder Woman’s first crossover event in 30 years

DC Comics announced on Saturday that it is preparing Wonder Woman to participate in the first crossover event separated from the hero’s main series since the early 1990s. DC FanDome panel display, Trial of the Amazons Will shock DC’s ever-expanding Wonder Woman title with a “cosmic scale” in 2022.

The world of Wonder Woman has been constantly changing for months. As Diana travels through various afterlife to find her way back to Earth, her mother Hippolyte becomes the Wonder Woman of the Justice League, and the Amazon warrior Nubia stepped up to become Themyscira. The queen, a new magical girl started her heroism in Brazil.

According to DC’s press release, from this major reorganization of roles, there will be “a power struggle that will redefine the future of DC Amazons.”

Image: Jen Bartel/DC Comics

The first hint of the conflict will appear on the page of the upcoming series Nubia and Amazon, Will debut on October 19th. The event series itself will be written by all the authors of DC’s current Wonder Woman titles: Becky Kronan, Michael Conrad, Vita Ayala, Stephanie Williams, Joel Jones, and Jody Bel Air.

“Wonder Woman has a literal island full of interesting characters and various family members scattered all over the world,” Conrad told Polygon. “The Amazon trial provided a unique opportunity to either bring them together or further disrupt these relationships. Diana found that she might be the only fragile bond between them all, but she could not solve this problem alone.”