D&D’s Witchlight event has a terrible spider to raise funds for charity

Do half The wilderness beyond the witch lantern, The latest activity manual of Dungeons and Dragons, you will find something unusual. This is a mild scene, with a huge spider sitting under a dewy web, but it is a work of art and does not actually contribute to the narrative of the book. Instead, it calls on readers to go to an online storefront and purchase another book entirely.It is called Field of joy, This is a 24-page supplementary material on how to create settings for your home game.

So why is this small snack not included in Witch light? I found the lead designer Christopher Perkins for more information.

“When we are studying Field of joy part [of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight] We are not sure where it will eventually land,” Perkins said. “It may be in the book. It may be a separate thing. Some of them are based on adventurous flow. “

In the end, Perkins said he decided to split Field of joy Become your own product. In it, players will go through the process of creating their own area in Feywild, and a unique Archfey will become its lord.This is a process very similar to the system used in the system Van Richten’s Ravenloft Guide, Which has a section titled “Fear Field”.

“In the end, I almost called for separating it from the rest of the adventure,” Perkins said, “just because part of the adventure has nothing to do with the narrative of the story. The wilderness beyond the witch lantern It seems a bit strange. “

In addition to the fresh 24 pages of instructions on creating your own world, Field of joy Also included in The wilderness beyond the witch lanternThis includes various cards for tracking many of its non-player characters, as well as special worksheets for tracking the entire event. Therefore, if you have a home printer, it is actually a convenient little way to get all the copies you need without visiting a copy shop.All proceeds from the sales of accessories will benefit Extra life, A game-based charity that funds children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Field of joy Available at the Dungeon Masters Guild, the website was built by Wizards of the Coast and One Bookshelf, the same company Drive through role-playing gamesTraditionally, it has been a place where fans publish their own community-generated content, and where Wizards and other partners host content for organized competitions approved by the company. Perkins said that this is the first time a physical book specifically guides readers to get more material there.

This is not the first time the Wizards have found content in a book provided by the Dungeon Master Guild. In 2017, it also sold Tortle package, The sale of another accessory has benefited Extra Life. This is currently the only place where you can find the turtle player race, which is basically a human turtle.

Tortles will be available in printed books starting in 2022, when Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters in the Multiverse sell.That book, announced on the weekend YouTube, Will become a Three volumes of “Rule Expansion Package” Then as an independent product.Wizards said Multiverse monsters Will include more than 250 monster statistics blocks and 30 playable races, including Tortle package, Volo’s Monster Guide, with Mordenkainen’s Enemy Book.

Are there other online-only products in D&D?

“Of course I can’t talk about future plans,” Perkins said with a smile. “I can only say that it is possible. I hope The wilderness beyond the witch lantern It makes Feywild like traditional Ravenloft and Shadowfell, convenient and fun, and it is a place worth exploring. […] We will see how people react to this adventure.We will see how people react Field of joy, And then we will respond accordingly. “

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Newly revised and updated versions Tasha’s Pot of All Things, Xanathar’s guide to everything, with Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters in the Multiverse.