Dead by Daylight dropped his leather mask due to blackface complaint

Behavior Interactive will remove the unlockable face of The Cannibal in the next Dead by Daylight mid-chapter update because some people complain that they are used to incite racist harassment against players.

Cannibals are added to Dead by Daylight Leather DLC Released in 2017. He has the ability to unlock the faces of the four original survivors of Dead by Daylight by sacrificing 25 times, which can then be worn as scary cosmetics. One of the survivors, Claudette Morel (Claudette Morel) was a black woman, which led some players and viewers to complain about the use of a black face in the game.

(Image source: Behavioral Interaction)

This cosmetic is also used to racially discriminate against black players in live broadcasts. (“Tunnel” is an activity described in the video below that ignores everything else in the game (including other players) to pay special attention to the behavior of a survivor, even if it is strategically disadvantaged.)