Dead by Daylight leak reportedly reveals Albert Wesker’s powers and privileges

During last week’s Behaviour Beyond showcase, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive showed off their upcoming work, and we saw the latest Resident Evil chapter coming to the game.

Dead by Daylight’s Project W chapter is the second Resident Evil chapter in Dead by Daylight, and it has been revealed that Albert Wesker will be joining the Killer roster and Ada Wang and Rebecca Chamber will be joining the Survivors.

If you haven’t already, check out the Dead by Daylight: Project W trailer here!

While we certainly got a good look at the new characters and some of Behaviour’s upcoming games during the showcase, we weren’t lucky enough to learn about these characters’ powers and perks. Having said that, the famous leaker, DBDLeaks On Twitter, it appears that some details have been shared about what each character will be able to do when introduced into the game.

Of course, this is still a bug, and whether the information is true or not, there is no doubt that a lot of tweaks to Behavior were made before Project W was launched. So please take the following with a grain of salt.

Albert Wesker, also known as the in-game mastermind, is said to have a tool called Toxic Binding. This basically allows Wesker to sprint forward and jump over obstacles or infect nearby survivors. While charging, Wesker slows down slightly before he can attack.

Survivors will experience Ouroboros infection Many of us will remember the original Resident Evil game. Survivors are affected by a hindered state when infected, and this gets progressively worse the longer they are infected.

At the start of each trial, several chests are spawned first aid spray In them, it can be used sparingly to cure survivors of Uroboros infection. This is similar to the Resident Evil Killer Nemesis, which infects survivors of the T-Virus, which must then be cured with vaccines found in crates around the map.

In addition to Wesker’s main abilities, the leaker also shared three of the killer’s perks. superior anatomy Activates when the survivor makes a quick jump within 8 meters of the killer. As a result, Wesker’s vaulting speed is increased by 30/35/40% for 3 seconds, depending on perk level.

Next is awakened consciousness. When the Killer is carrying a Survivor, they can see the Aura of other Survivors within 16/18/20 meters (depending on perk level). The aura revealed by the perk remains visible for two seconds after abandoning the survivor.

Finally, Wesker’s third perk is rumored to be terminal. This perk will activate when enough generators are completed to power the exit gate. Any wounded, downed, or hooked survivor will experience the Shattered status effect until the exit gate opens. After the gate is opened, the status effect lasts for an additional 20/25/30 seconds, depending on the perk level.

As for the survivor perks, DBDLaks suggests the developers are still tweaking these perks, so details can’t be revealed at this time. That said, they do share the benefit name and what the overall goal of the survivor benefit is.

According to reports, Ada Wong’s three perks are wiretapping, low-key and reactive treatment. These will allow her to monitor killers, increase health when allies are injured, and leave no scratches when the only survivor is left. They are perfect for unreal super spies.

As for our rookie doctor, the three perks of Rebecca Chambers are rumored to be Reassurance, Ultra Focus, and Better Than New. These will give the ally a speed buff, relieving a troubled ally and allowing her to complete skill checks at a higher speed.

As always, take these leaks with a grain of salt, but with that said, are you happy with the potential benefits of Dead by Daylight’s upcoming chapter?