Dead by Daylight players are arguing about Lightborn’s privileges

Like all live service games with a passionate online community, Died of sunlight Occasionally, there are silly dramas and debates surrounding complex gameplay. Look, the current discussion surrounding Lightborn’s privileges, and it seems to have revealed the topic of enjoyment for survivors and killers.

First, introduce the background. Dead by daylight is an online multiplayer survival game in which a group of survivors must survive when they encounter a player controller killer. Both the killer and the survivor were given tools to help them, including allowances for certain characteristics.

One such privilege is called Lightborn, and it allows killers to have a certain resistance to their opponent’s flashlight-a tool that survivors use to blind the killer when they run away or achieve certain goals. As you can imagine, this makes Lightborn a situational but somewhat useful perk, for those who are frustrated by being blinded all the time, especially because there is a survivor strategy in which players are constantly blinding the killer with a flashlight.

Fast forward to yesterday, Dead by Daylight forum users created a forum called LIGHTBORN is an effective benefitThis article is an anecdote. It tells the story of the murderer being cursed for taking Letterburn and destroying four survivors. All survivors are using flashlights to blind the murderer and annoy the murderer.

This ignited the hearts of most people in the community and led several well-known content creators in the “Death by Daylight” space to discuss Lightborn. Youtuber SpooknJukes is an example of this, he downplayed this situation, especially some of the views expressed by anti-committal players.

After all, the notion that certain elements of games are cheap or “not fun” is an old and boring metaphor that goes back to Arcade and Street Fighter 2. This is the salt we see here for those who cannot cope with being surpassed-an anger that breaks after putting an egg in a basket.

Looking back at the SpooknJukes video, especially the description, you will see a perfect summary of the situation: “The DBD community once again discussed more content that other players can’t access! Can’t wait to see what perks/items/add-ons come next /Killer!” The scrub will remain scrub.