Dead by Day’s Midnight Grove Halloween Event is now live

It may not be Halloween yet, but the Halloween event of Dead by Daylight begins today. This is a celebration of smashing pumpkins, getting new cosmetics, and dealing with new elements in each map that players already know and love. You can also earn new things for the new character Mikaela Reid!

Although Mikaela is the first survivor in the game to add the concept of a blessing totem, her abilities are still solving some problems. But hey, itโ€™s also fun to have the murderer sometimes have to go find those totems, right? Tracking Hex: Ruin and Hex: Devour Hope now is not just the job of survivors!

The Midnight Grove event starts today and lasts until November 4th. If you log in during this period, you will receive a one-time reward of 666,666 blood points. This is actually a very good improvement, so you can use it for anything, but upgrading Mikaela might be a good idea. During this period, you can complete a special reward book, which has many cool things to unlock, including a costume of Mikaela, an outlet of Doctor, and various very cool Halloween accessories.

During the event, you can unlock many interesting variants of common equipment in the blood web, including special flashlights and other simple event variants on standard additional items. Some other blood web unlocks are event-specific, such as objects that generate tangle generators or hooks, and you can use them to help complete your tome.

The event is time-limited and only lasts two weeks, so if you want to finish this book, it may be time to start playing.