Dead Cell Creator’s Fire Side Scroll Nuclear Flame launched this month

Nuclear Flame is a side-scrolling action game, its entire content is about fighting the raging hell as a firefighter. The game was written by S├ębastien Benard (S├ębastien Benard), the mastermind of “Dead Cell”, and will be launched on PC via Steam on October 18.

You are a firefighter who was sent to investigate the cause of the fire in a mysterious military facility. Things are not what they seem, except for the wall of flames that can melt your face. You will use a reliable hose to water out the burnt area while uncovering the secrets of the expanded narrative and hidden plot details. When the player jumps and scrolls in the explosion area, the gameplay is expected to retain the smooth operability of the dead cells. Check out the reveal trailer for the game a few weeks ago to see all its blazing glory.

The nuclear flame looks very interesting, if its playing effect is half of the dead cells, then the player may be surprised. What do you think of this game? Let us know in the comments!