Dead Cells update adds costumes and weapons for Hollow Knight, Guacamelee, etc.

The 26th update of Dead Cells brings together the best and brightest in the independent action-adventure genre. The patch aptly named “Everyone Is Here” adds familiar faces in games such as Hollow Knight and Guacamili, as well as their respective weapons, for use in the game.

The free update is now available on PC, and will launch a game console later this year, allowing players to wear Hollow Knight, Ultralight Drifter, Blasphemy, and Guacamole! 、Skuer: The costumes of the heroes of the killer hero and the protagonist of the curse of death. Better yet, you will use the weapons/abilities of each character. They control to a large extent you will remember them, but there is a dead cell twist. Motion Twin outlines the functions and statistics of each of the following weapons:

Hollow Knight-Pure Nails: Can attack up and down. Attacking downwards in the air will bounce you to your enemy, causing fatal damage.

Blasphemy-Face Bottle: Smash a flask on your forehead, causing low damage to yourself and converting 35% of your lost health into recovery.

Ultralight Drifter-Gun and Sword: This gun also causes damage while marking the target. The sword causes fatal damage to the marked target and increases with the number of gun marks on the target. The sword strike will also charge the gun’s ammunition, which will not be passively charged.

Guacamole! -Polo Power: Become a chicken for a few seconds and launch a few explosive eggs around you, because, of course.

Skeleton: Hero Killer-Bones: Smash the enemy with bone sticks. Hit with the second attack can make a whirlwind attack, causing fatal damage.

Curse of Reaper-Scimitar and Pistol: Cut twice with a machete. The third attack uses a pistol to hit nearby enemies and cause fatal damage. Holding down the attack button will perform a slow and powerful long-range attack.

To access the new content, you need to complete the challenges in a new book at the beginning of the game. Each completed challenge will unlock a new character. Weapons and skills can be found in Lore Rooms, a new area of ​​the game.

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