Dead Island 2, Saints Row, Metro and TimeSplitters will not be attending this year’s E3

Stephanie Nannery
June 4, 2021 16:52 GMT

It is a pity.

Deep Silver tried to hold back expectations By announcing There are no updates for Dead Island 2, Saints Row, Metro, or TimeSplitters in the Koch Media E3 2021 showcase.

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Deep Silver and Koch Media, which runs its own game, are hosting an E3 event on Friday, June 11th, and apparently the game mentioned above will be absent.

When the show was announced, everyone seemed to expect to hear something at the next Saints Row.

Koch’s parent company THQ Nordic announced in August 2019 that a new SR game is underway and will be heard in detail in 2020.

Then there’s Dead Island 2, which is still under development, but nothing is said about it either. Last but not least, Koch Media was convinced that it would be a “fucking zombie game” when it was released.

Aside from the disappointing joke, it’s nice to know that the irons are still burning. It’s not good to show off the game too quickly. If the developer needs more time, he needs more time. We can wait.

We know for sure which 4A games are being developed, but it’s a good idea to ask what Metro Studios has done.

Next is TimeSplitters. This isn’t too shocking, even if it’s a no-show, given that it was just announced in May that it was in the early stages of development.

Whatever Koch has prepared for us, we need to wait patiently. I’ll definitely know next Friday.

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