Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl | Replay

Vulcan Mountain is not ready for the replay team. Today, the Game Informer team enthusiastically put on Halloween costumes while exploring the scary secrets of Halloween. Will this replay become a mature super replay? Anything is possible, so please join us and let us know if you want to check the entire game during the live broadcast on Twitch at 2pm CST.

The Fatal Frame game allows players to fight ghosts by taking pictures, which means you need to zoom in and get close to ghouls and ghouls and face the fear. Can Game Informer staff master the capabilities of the black box and survive?

There is only one way to find the answer, so please join us when the action happens. One of the early Deadly Frame games, Deadly Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, is a horror classic. Will “Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl” inherit the franchise rights? Well, maybe not, because this game has received considerable repercussions many years ago when it was first launched on Wii U, but this remake may bring some distressing Halloween celebrations.