Deadpool shot Wolverine with the face of Marvel’s big X-Men crossover

After months of anticipation, the X-Men will finally host a large, super-powerful party, the Slash Diplomacy Summit, the Slash Fashion Showcase event.

From Fantastic Four to Doctor Doom, from high-ranking Russian officials to sheer aliens, the comic book event is truly coordinated like never before, delivering Monday Fanny’s promise of “the social page of superhero life.” To do. Many real celebrities A Marvel artist sneaks into a crowd of gala in a small moment of fun crossover between Marvel Comics umbrellas.

Other than deadpool.

What else is happening on our favorite manga page? Let us know. Welcome to Funnies on Monday. Polygon’s weekly list of books that comic editors have enjoyed over the past week. It’s a social page of superhero life, a reading recommendation, and “Look at this cool art.” There may be some spoilers. The context may be lacking. But there will be great comics. (If you missed the final version, please read here.)

Image: Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara / Marvel Comics

Undressed Wade Almost Fashionably, at least undo those floaties.

Emma Frost tells Kitty Pryde that Captain America may like her until she realizes that Captain America has read more deeply into his mind and reminds him of his mother.

Image: Gerry Duggan, Matte Oroli / Marvel Comics

Gala started with the following problem Predator, Emma Frost has emerged as a hostess for the entire Marvel Universe, and there are many wonderful moments. Doctor Strange sighed cheaply that he wasn’t the most dressed up person in the room, and Ben Grimm found a more infamous mutant in the gambling corner. this..

Mister Sinister egoistically tries to get along with Saw and Black Panther.

Image: Zeb Wells, Stephen Segovia / Marvel Comics

And there was a moment of this pure venture brothers Helions..

Image: James Tinion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno / DC Comics

May I talk about the last twist of James Tinion? Nice house on the lake Now # 1? If not, keep scrolling.

A group of acquaintances invited to the Lake House over the weekend to celebrate the 2021 Vaccine Summer has just begun to move the apocalypse just to reveal that he is a pioneer of the alien invasion. But he made this perfect house because he liked them too much and killed them. Now, all while they are isolated there and the world is burning around them. If he pretends to be okay, he will love it. This is literally the nightmare I had last week.

A hooded figure standing in front of a frozen figure in Han Solo's Carbonite speaks to Jabba the Hutt in a hologram during Star Wars: Bounty Hunter War # 1 (2021).

Image: Charles Soule, Steve McNiven / Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Star Wars comics launched their own crossover this week with a shocking twist. Han Solo / Star Wars Story..

Crash prepares hot chocolate in a mocha pot, witnessing Red Arrow at Crush &. Robo # 1 (2021).

Image: Mariko Tamaki, Amancay Nahuelpan / DC Comics

When it comes to Earth-raised alien characters, racial expressions can be awkward. For example, it’s like Crash, an abandoned alien baby raised by Latin parents in the United States. But when a super-strong girl was standing and her biceps were bulging from her tee, she apparently tore her sleeves, brewed a mocha pot, and was angry that her girlfriend broke up with her. Crash is a Latin expression, does she need my number?

In The Immortal Hulk # 47 (2021), the Avengers collide with the Hulk and Harpy in a chaotic double wide panel.

Image: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett / Marvel Comics

There are only three problems Immortal hulk left and boy howdy I miss the spread of Joe Bennett’s page

Laghman picks up a book titled

Image: Ram V, Zelmanico / DC Comics

A prop to Ram V who wrote a full gag at this exposition, but an additional prop to Xermanico that rendered it in a choking way.