Death by Daylight: A new chapter based on the ring released in March this year

Dead by Daylight just released its original story chapter, Murder Portrait, two weeks ago, but it seems that Behavior Interactive is already working hard on the next step in asymmetric horror games: ring.

ring It was first released in Japan in 1998 by director Hideo Nakata, and then reproduced as ring In the West, directed by director Galvi Binski, he will direct three Pirates of the Caribbean movies for Disney (strange director jump, right?).Wibinski is already a famous horror idol in Japan, further consolidating the story ring (and ring) As a classic of this type. Now we are all afraid of the video tapes, wells and terrible people that appear on the TV screen. Behavior Interactive will launch its latest chapter in March 2022 to revive these concerns.

“A key part of the history of horror is joining the huge list of Dead By Daylight,” announcement read. “Get ready for Ringu to spread its curse in the fog. The new chapter is inspired by Koji Suzuki’s novels and the critically acclaimed original film adaptation. Koji Suzuki’s Ring was originally published in 1991, beginning an unforgettable curse and its The story of a doomed victim. In 1998, this novel was adapted into a Japanese feature film of the same name (well-known among North American audiences), immediately adding a new presence to the pantheon of movie horror icons.”

If you are not familiar with the premise ring or ring, It revolves around a videotape telling the audience that they will die in 7 days. A vengeful soul appeared on TV, and that vengeful soul—you know, the black-haired girl in a white dress—is likely to become the sneaky killer player in Death at Dawn in March next year.

“We are very excited about working with the Behavior Interactive and Dead by Daylight teams,” Kadokawa producer Reiko Imayasu said in the announcement. “We will send one of our most unforgettable characters into the fog to dump the horror comparable to all the great predecessors.”

Behavior Interactive joked that players need to wait more than 7 days to learn more about the chapter of “Death by Daylight”. While waiting, read the recently released “Portrait of Murder” chapter, and then check out its release trailer.Find out why Dead by Daylight was turned on Game informant A list of the top 10 horror games played now.

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