Death Stranding Director’s Cut downgraded from Monster energy drink to store brand

Death stranded Full of product placements. We knew it before it came out. When it was released, players found many other less obvious real product advertisements, such as Norman Reedus’s Motorcyclist Travels.

But nothing is more obvious than Monster energy drinks. Not only are they found everywhere in the game, they are also related to the game mechanics: drinking them can improve Sam’s endurance. Considering that the entire process of “Death Stranding” is about transporting packages over long distances, endurance is a crucial factor.

this Death Stranding Director”s CutIt will be launched on PS5 tomorrow, adding many new tasks, new items, and improving existing mechanisms. But there is more, because for some reason, Kojima and his colleagues. Decided to cut the monster energy drink from the game.

The monster tank has now been replaced by a generic in-game brand called Bridges Energy-or more accurately Bridg<-s <-N<-rgy, just in case you think the word "bridge" is not in the game Get enough to use the game.

Hirun Cryer, who played the game for us, called Director’s Cut “Kojima’s most self-indulgent game yet” and took some screenshots of this unusual change.

It is not clear why this is done.Assume that Monster benefits from being included in the original version; the company’s The stock price got a good boost as a result. However, the contract may have ended.

Nevertheless, this is another weird thing about Kojima, although it may mean that we will see Bridges Energy released as a limited edition in the wild one day.