Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Version Comment: I finally believe it

It’s not just review Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Edition. This is right Death stranded.

Allow me to explain.

On November 8, 2019, after three years of obscure trailers and confusing game demos, Kojima Productions released Death stranded, It was the first project of an independent studio. I played for 15 hours, but I didn’t enjoy one of them. I played the role of an exhausted man, transporting boxes to a bunch of bastards scattered across the destroyed America; it was a slow, preaching, indulgent chaos. I immediately deleted it from my PlayStation 4.

Kojima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be released on September 24, 2021 Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Edition. I have been playing for a few weeks. This time, I saw the closing speech.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Edition It’s a strange game about a careless messenger transporting goods to dozens of outposts in a fragmented, post-apocalyptic United States. It explores the importance of community and social connections. It adds extra tasks and useful tools to the game’s arsenal, but I can’t say whether they improve the overall experience, because I have never had much experience.What i can say is Death stranded Still preaching, slow and indulgent. It is also propelling, soothing, and huge. I have been playing for about 60 hours, and I have always been fascinated. I think you can say I like it.

I heard people calling Death stranded Meditation, I have no objection.But more importantly, I found that it is Hypnotic.

I rarely get bored with a game that is basically a task acquisition. As Russ Frushtick pointed out in our 2019 review, Death strandedOnce the game gets rid of its own way, the delivery note is actually very interesting. I mapped out my travel route in advance. I considered bad weather forecasts and unfavorable wind patterns. When my cargo is too heavy and I am wading in a turbulent river, I also have to change my balance.

Sometimes i just say never mind, Pushing my motorcycle-carrying a bunch of unstable briefcases and steel tanks-onto a rock and a crack, because the customer needs his craft materials before they rot. Sometimes this ends with what I call the bottom of the abyss, surrounded by broken boxes and a haze of regret.

Image: Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

once in a while, Death stranded New tools were introduced (truck, robot companion and cannon for launching cargo, to name a few). These tools each add their own wrinkles to the simple point A to B formula.

One of my favorite tasks is to deliver supplies to the wind farm on the other side of the remote forest. Catch? The forest is full of wandering souls of dead Americans. They just want to drag me into the bottomless tar pit made up of the many evils of this country. (Or something like that.) I had to sneak between the trees and walk through mossy rocks that were soaked in rain. All the time, my only tools for detecting those souls—BTs, as they know them—are the scanner on my shoulder and the human baby floating in a capsule on my chest. The forest is equally weird, thrilling, and depressing.

Of course, I am not alone in that forest. Not really.exist Death stranded, There are other players on the server. We are laying roads and building shelters, and leaving useful tools to anyone who needs them. On my way back from the forest, a group of enemy AI blocked the way and chased me through the field with little cover. I came to a canyon, my stamina and stun gun ammunition ran out. I was driven to a desperate situation.

But someone put up a ladder in the canyon and I escaped the ambush. That player will never know how helpful the ladder is, but it doesn’t matter. They make my game easier. I left my ladder on the steep slope a few hundred yards ahead-what else can I do?

When I traverse, I rely on these anonymous and asynchronous support behaviors Death strandedA surreal interpretation of the United States.Geographically, the map is the epitome of the United States, and for the same reason Red Dead Redemption 2 In addition to its extension from the sea to the sea, there are eastern cliffs, amber waves and the Rocky Mountains giving way to the sandy beaches of the west coast. Visually, it is more European. It is as if Iceland, New Zealand and Bolivia collided at the moment when the Large Hadron Collider abandoned multidimensional space around the world.

Sam uses a new weapon in the newly added shooting range of

Image: Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

In any case, the landscape always cycles between familiar, unfamiliar, breathtaking and hostile. Coming down from the snow-capped mountain peak, the equipment is deteriorating, and the endurance is low. It is a relief to see the sharp angle of the city gleaming on the horizon.

The looming question remains: Why is it reversed? Why didn’t I rebound this time?if Director’s Cut It’s just an addition, so why am I only now enjoying what so many friends have enjoyed two years ago?The answer, I think, not so much Death stranded Changed but i changed.

One of the (numerous) plot devices of the game is timefall, a precipitation that can quickly accelerate the aging process of everything it touches. Metal oxidation. sagging skin. The flower bloomed and then died. Death stranded Be keenly aware of how time fluctuates. It is linear, but not consistent. A day passes in a hurry; the next is tense and endless, all you can do is go out, go for a walk, and remind yourself that the world is still spinning.

I am more stubborn in 2019. I am not so open anymore. I didn’t invest too much stock in the public domain because I didn’t know how much I needed it.This is not the first criticism Death stranded Talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not be the last-players who return to the game within a few months after the game’s release are quickly related to lone residents and isolated people.I think many people are playing Director’s Cut Will feel the same. In 2019, Death stranded Have a foresight. In 2021, this is really creepy.

Some new factory tasks in

Image: Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

To be clear: Death stranded The story is nonsense.Or, should I say: its script It’s nonsense.It’s just like Pilgrim’s progress If every word is high. Cutscenes are silly and fun, yes, but they are also very sad. In the traditional sense, Death stranded It is narrative confusion.

But it can tell a story through your actions, Death stranded Yes-I might as well admit-it’s great. It lazily until terrible. It evokes fear before purifying with liberation. It’s mundane, until the shit suddenly hits the fan, all you can do is escape the downpour and reach the nearest base. A bunch of holograms burst into applause—just like my neighbor and I did every night last summer. All but when the nurse in the emergency room living downstairs hung out of our window when she returned from the long shift.

The developers of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have been making games about the United States for a long time-yes, its foreign policy and military agenda, but the American psychology is also important.Nowhere do they dig into our ideal depth more thoroughly than here, in Death stranded. The ultimate reward of the well-known American dream has always been isolation: suburban houses with white picket fences, mansions in forest suburbs, and Willie Lowman’s “country residence”. Death strandedThe world is not so much science fiction as it is a logical extension of the sublime of the United States.Tying Death strandedThe theme of isolation, community division and collective trauma caused by the coronavirus pandemic alone will be to narrow its overall scope.

Death stranded Full of questions about whether it’s worth it or not—the unity and solidarity of it all. If disasters continue to accumulate, humans will continue to be isolated, and communities will continue to split, what is the point of coming together? For all sermons, the game did not end with neat answers. Acknowledging these issues in the final cutscenes would undermine all the work that its gameplay has done, not its thousands of words.

Over time, some art will transform with us. Some art will be calm and even stubbornly waiting for us to return with a new perspective. Death strandedAccording to my estimation, both have done some. It sits patiently, full of confidence in its own mechanism, full of confidence in its own ideas, but it has also changed—just a little bit—and we are all trying our best to grow.

so it is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Edition Is it worth playing? Absolutely. Especially now.used to be Death stranded Is it still worth playing in 2019? I would say so. I’m just not ready yet.

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