Death Stranding: The director’s cut video compares the differences between PlayStation and PC platforms

There is a new comparison video showing various graphics options Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Edition On PC and PlayStation systems, it will check the resolution, drawing distance, FPS, texture and water effects, etc.

Made by Bit Analyst, The side-by-side comparison of Director’s Cut was done using PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, and PC with RTX 3080.

As you will notice, the PS4 version runs at 1080p and 30 FPS. PS4 Pro is rendered at 30 FPS 2160p and a checkerboard, PS5 runs at 2106p 60 FPS ultra-wide 3840 x 1620p in quality mode, and displays at 3840 x 2160p on a PC with DLSS quality mode. It also looked at games running at 1800p, 60 FPS, and 3200 x1350p ultra-widescreen in PS5’s performance mode.

According to the video, all modes on the PS5 run at 60 FPS. TheBitsAnalyst believes that the game uses a form of temporal reconstruction, but is not sure if it is the same as the checkerboard used by PS4 Pro.

Also note that the ultra-wide mode is a 16:9 format, which applies a letter box and expands the field of view.

This video shows some improvements to some model textures, but it does not seem to make any improvements to the environment textures.

In other words, the water quality on the PS5 has improved, some foliage assets and environmental occlusion on the console seem to have changed, and the drawing distance has increased compared to the PS4. Nevertheless, the drawing distance on the PC is still higher.

Compared with PS4 and PS4 Pro, the loading time of PS5 has also been shortened, because the PS5 version requires less than 6 seconds to load games or use fast travel, while PS4 is about 60 seconds.

If you are interested in how the game looks and works differently from the original game, you will want to watch the video.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will be launched tomorrow, September 24, which includes more weapons, equipment and vehicles, various new modes, missions and exploration areas, expanded storylines and enhanced user interfaces. There are also new online features, including friend battles and leaderboards. All new features are built and developed from scratch after the original game was released.

This means that the shooting range area, additional tasks, boots that help reduce fall injuries, friend robots, and a new fragile track racing mode were developed after Death Stranding was released two years ago.

On PS5, the game also uses 3D audio and DualSense controller’s tactile feedback and adaptive trigger resistance.