Deathloop Aleksis | How to assassinate Alexis with a meat grinder

Party maniac Alexis Updaam is being painted red in many ways, and his shindig at Dorsey Manor provides a perfect opportunity for Colt Endless loop.

Visit Updaam in the evening. You have several different options for how to assassinate Aleksis-one is concealed, one is very unconcealed, and the other is a mixture of the two.

The loud choice is just to rush through the front door and fight everyone in sight. However, to this day, if you defeat any other visionary, the eternalist’s increase in power will make them very difficult.

Therefore, here are several other ways to assassinate Aleksis in Deathloop.

How to assassinate Alexis in the ring of death

Although there are a large number of eternalists around Dorsey Manor, it is actually not that difficult to penetrate.

Outside the front door guarded by the wolf mask bodyguard, move up to the billboard overlooking the manor wall. Climb the high wall of the manor.

Pay attention to the guards patrolling and look to your left to make sure no one sees you.

Go ahead and turn right to board the roof, then go to the other side of the courtyard.

Look to the left, there is an open window here, you can Shift to enter.

Immediately on your right is Aleksis’s private bathroom, where you can find his music producer.

Interacting with the notes, you will find that Aleksis is obsessed with dancing to his own music, so if you can find it in the party playlist, he will not be able to resist exposing himself.

Remember the code on the lighted music box, and then continue deep into Aleksis’s room. Turn right into the platform, and then go down the stairs on the first floor. There should not be any eternalists to worry about.

Go through the chandelier or through the adjacent room to the DJ booth.

Interact with the DJ station and enter the code from the music producer upstairs.

This will cause Alkesis to kick the rest of the revellers off the dance floor, leaving him open to any assassination methods you like.

How to put Aleksis in a meat grinder in Deathloop

Or, from the office next to Aleksis’s bathroom, you can open the internal window next to his desk and move down to the scaffolding on the right.

Squat down and hide behind the low wall and curtains, you should see a red button.

This controls the trapdoor under the microphone on the stage, where the eternalists brag about their evil deeds for others to appreciate.

Wait quietly for a few minutes, and finally Aleksis will take the stage and brag about raising the price of an important drug. Then you can press the trapdoor button to assassinate him without causing an alarm.

If you manipulate other visionaries into Updaam at night, then you can venture to assassinate them.

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