Deathloop Egor | How to mute Egor’s device and display the control panel

Blackreef’s second scientist, Yegor, There may be a smaller laboratory, but it is not more dangerous than any other visionary, especially because of his ethereal invisible board.

Just because of the time of day he met for the first time, Yegor is probably one of the last visionary people you will accept. Endless loop, But his lost transmission mission is one of the most interesting missions.

To start Egor’s lead, please visit The Complex in the evening. You will find that it is almost completely empty, but is trapped by landmines and other explosives with very serious booby traps.

Carefully cross the map to the upper right corner, where is the mission marker for Camp Egor.

When you approach, Egor will attack from his invisibility cloak, and if you don’t deal with Juliana that day, things will get worse quickly.

However, as far as he is concerned, you only need to make Egor take a radical action-lift his veil-and then fight back or draw the distance between you.

After defeating Yegor, search his camp for clues on how to maneuver him to a more manageable position.

On the bottom of his laboratory, you will find notes and a terminal telling you that some of Egor’s experimental machines found an interesting reading around noon. If you can destroy it, Egor will give up and participate in Alexi Si’s party at Updaam.

Return to The Complex at noon of the next cycle and return to Egor’s laboratory.

At the nearby mission marker, you will find that the machine is affected by Egor’s Ether Board and is not visible.

To make it appear, move through the windows on the top floor of his laboratory-so that you don’t trigger the alarm laser-and take a field generator from the floor.

They are dark briefcases on the floor, in front of a note telling you about them.

Deploy a field generator next to the invisible machine, and then enter the letters and numbers of the sensor that takes the reading: mine is E867.

Press the big reading button and think that the experiment has been destroyed.

Doing this at noon will allow Egor to enter Updaam at night, where you can assassinate him from the roof terrace of Dorsey Manor.

This brings together multiple visionaries and sets Colt to break Blackreef’s loop in a perfect loop!

For more information on how to set up an endgame, please refer to our Deathloop guide, which contains Visionary walkthroughs and side mission solutions.