Deathloop Heritage Gun | How to Solve Carl Bay’s Super Cunning Gift Puzzle

From “Disgrace” to “German Headquarters” and “Doom”, no one made shotguns like Bethesda Studios, Endless loop Join the party Legacy gun, Also known as Super cunning.

The Super Shifty Heritage Gun found in Carl Bay at night is hidden behind one of Deathloop’s largest, most complex and most fascinating single-map puzzles. But this only shows that this gift is worth the effort.

Solving the Heritage Gun Present Puzzle is a difficult task, but once you focus your mind on what you are actually doing, it becomes easy to complete.

Check out the embedded video above to see how I run through the entire Super Shifty mission!

How to solve the Heritage Gun Present Puzzle in Deathloop

When you enter Carl Bay at night, you will hear Charlie Montagu speaking to the eternalists via the intercom on the island, inviting them to play another game of his.

From the tunnel exit of Colt into Carl Bay, on the street on the right, two eternalists will open a gift box and explode.

Follow this road around the bend and you will reach the facade of Lament.

Quietly or loudly clear the eternalists from the surrounding area as you like-there are about 10 nearby-and enter the mourning mansion.

Here, you will find a map full of flashing lights, and a Heritage Gun flashing towards you from a locked box. These lights indicate event gifts scattered around the Carl Bay area, and you must open all these gifts without damaging them to succeed.

If the light is steady, it means that the gift has been turned on—this should be the one you saw the two eternalists botched earlier—usually when you receive a few gifts every night.

The layout of gifts can change every cycle, and to open them successfully, all you need to do is walk up to them and press the interactive button.

However, there are two types of gifts in the puzzle: tricks and hospitality.

For safety’s sake, treat each gift as an explosive trick and run or move as far as possible when opening it. Then come back and get your trinkets, if you have them.

For most gifts, there is no more strategy to open them than to track them and try your luck-but remember that they cannot be damaged, so Pay attention to the mines on the nearby walls and do not try to shoot gifts away.

However, your two gifts will always be placed in the same place: one in the middle left corner of the map and one in the upper right corner. These are additional cheeky puzzles that we will tackle below.

How to solve the password puzzle of the Gate of Dawn in the cycle of death

The most magical puzzle in Karl’s Bay is located in the nightclub Dawn of Reason, nestled in a tunnel under the cliff face. Outside the front door is a lever that can open the lock and start the timer, but you don’t want to pull it yet.

To the right of the front door is a walled courtyard. Here you will find another door to the dawn of reason, but it is blocked. Tilt your head to the sky and you will see an open passage that you can jump or Shift through so that you can enter the interior without running the timer.

On the left side of the club is a gift box in a room sealed with a code lock. To get the door code, you need to find murals on the walls around the club.

This is where things get more cunning: The murals are located in different positions and display different numbers in different periods, and the codes are random between players.

This is why you don’t want to find them within the time limit.

You are looking for four white circles, and one of the red squares shows the number on the round code lock you need to press.

Fortunately, there is always one directly above the code lock itself. Inside the circle, there will be a black and white line, and the black line shows the position of the 4 digit sequence where the circle is located.

The last problem is that the position line of one of the circles will be lost-this means that you have to deduce where it fits from the other three circles.

When you search for the dawn of reason, check all 4 main walls, as well as the bar and the upturned table, for signs of any part of the circle.

For some generation positions, you need to stand at the correct angle to arrange the parts of the shape together.

When you find all 4 and determine where the unmarked circle fits, please disconnect the railing of one of the side doors or pull back the zipper from your secret entrance hole, pull the lever out of the front, and enter the one you found on the door Code and open now-as if you are a psychic.

Remember to take a step back from the gift box, it can still be explosive.

How to solve Hangar 2 Lever Puzzle in Deathloop

It’s empty now, and you may remember the hangar 2 in Carl Bay when I was with Harriet in the morning. But this time, you have everything except the toxic gas suffocating the floor below.

If you want to eliminate the hazards and remove the gas, please go through Harriet’s door to the left (if not opened, switch by laser), then go down the stairs to the right. On Harriet’s podium, there is a lever on the right that can disperse the green gas.

Now go back upstairs and you will see your current prize next to a lever with a time counter.

Investigate the room and you will see more levers scattered around, as you might have guessed, you must pull in the correct order to open the gift.

Fortunately, as an audio queue, the correct lever will beep loudly when you approach. If you get stuck, quickly return to the first lever and pull it again-this will stop the clock and reset the puzzle so that you can pull it again and try again.

There are 6 levers in total: one is next to now.

The other is on the gantry opposite now.

One is on the left, beside Harriet’s pulpit.

The other is at the far right of the hangar, next to the bear sign on the wall.

Then the other one is in the dark corner of the upper floor, passing through the room from now on.

The last is the last lever that hangs the plane part.

This is also the order that I must pull the lever.

This sequence is the same for me in multiple loops. However, things such as door codes are random between players and games in Deathloop, so they may not be exactly the same for you.

Before pulling the first lever, make sure you are familiar with the positions of all 6 levers to avoid any accidents.

How to collect legacy guns from Lament Lever Puzzles of Lament Lever Puzzle in Deathloop

Finally, after opening all the gifts, Charlie has one last resort.

When you pass by its chest, return to the abyss of mourning and mourn the pine tree for the legacy gun. A new door opens behind the lament, and there is another trolley puzzle inside.

To make this task more difficult, it not only has the energy field that erodes the slab, but also has lasers. If you touch them, the task will be invalid.

The premise remains the same, pull the buzzer bar within the time limit to complete the test.

The order in which I have to pull it in is as follows:

Pull the first lever, go up the stairs at the corner, and look up. Move up to the purple top layer and pull the lever there.

The next lever is next to you, behind the metal grille that you cannot move. Move in the laser to avoid them and move around.

Then make a 360-degree rotation and pull the other lever on the floor next to the stairs, opposite to the lever you just pulled.

Now turn around, look to the right and descend from the hole in the floor to the orange part below and pull the lever.

From there, you can see the next lever on the other side of the floor through the grille. Squat under the laser on the right, then skip the next one. Then you leave the Slab invalid domain and use Shift to pass other lasers.

Finally, look behind you, climb the box to the floor above, and then pull the last lever there.

Again, this may be randomly distributed among players and changed for you, but once you have completed the trial, please return to the main room and claim your prize.

Super Shifty is an excellent kit, and due to its deformability, it can do the job of two guns in your inventory.

The spread mode is just like a normal shotgun, which is very powerful from the start.

Although the warhead mode is more like a rapier rifle, it is powerful, has a long range, and can easily destroy all enemies with a single bullet.

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