Deathloop PC patch solves the camera freeze problem, more updates are coming soon

After players report various problems with the PC version Endless loop, Arkane has stepped in to provide solutions to at least some ongoing performance problems.

We have seen countless reports about game performance issues before Reddit, steam,with Reset versionNow-a week after these reports began to circulate-Arkane has released another patch for Deathloop, dedicated to making the game run better. This latest patch is different from the patch for more descriptive crash messages and fixes for achievement issues.

Most of the complaints so far are related to visual stuttering and inconsistent frame rates in the PC version of the game, as well as Arkane’s latest update-details Reddit – Seems to be the first step in eliminating that particularly annoying error.

“We have released a patch (updated version 1.708.4.0) on the PC, which solves the problem that some players have encountered, that is, the mouse-based camera movement may cause’stuttering’,” a Bethesda employee wrote in a post Said in.

“We are still working on a separate but related issue, which we have identified as a factor that may cause high frame rate freezes. (On PC.) We will update this as soon as we get more information. “

The first patch is now available on Steam and Launcher.

Encourage those who continue to experience stuttering problems on PC Contact Customer Service And submit a ticket to help test the patch.

The launch of Deathloop last week has plunged the gaming world into a certain frenzy-PC and PS5 games have left a deep impression on critics and consumers. Our own Alex Donaldson gave it a 5/5 rating, saying It is “thrilling, smooth adventure, and Arkane’s best game to date.”