Deathloop PC update adds more descriptive crash messages and fixes achievement issues

renew Endless loop It has been released on the PC, solving the achievement issue and including a better error description.

According to the notes Publish on Steam, There is a problem that certain achievements cannot be unlocked for players. This has been fixed.

The update also provides more descriptive error messages for some users who are experiencing crashes when launching the game. This is because the CPU does not meet the minimum requirements, or the extensions required to run the game have been disabled by the user or third-party software.

It is also worth noting that the team is still investigating reports involving PC stuttering.

Arkane said it is exploring the cause and potential repair methods, and will provide updates when more information is available.

Encourage those who experience stuttering problems on PC Contact Customer Service And submit a work order to help test the patch.

Deathloop was released on PC and PS5 earlier this week, and critics and players seem to like it very, very much. Our own Alex Donaldson scored it 5/5, calling it “thrilling, smooth adventure, and Arkane’s best game yet.”