Deathloop PC update should fix camera freeze

Endless loop Almost everyone who played it got good reviews, but the PC version has some problems. The worst is that the camera freezes every time the player moves the mouse.This is a very frustrating question, but Arkane hopes to pass New patch Released on Tuesday.

according to Patch notes Arkane was released along with the new update, and the patch on Tuesday is aimed at solving the problem encountered by PC players, which is that “mouse-based camera movement may cause’stuttering’.” There are many qualifiers that need to be resolved, but it seems that Arkane is saying These are not actually frame rate freezes, they just have their “look”. No matter what the problem is, hope this patch makes it feel better.

Although the camera issue may be resolved, it is not the only issue Endless loopPC port. Arkane also explained in the patch notes that it is also investigating other issues.For example, when you play Endless loop At extremely high frame rates, the game will also experience lag. According to our experience, due to this problem, the game is almost unplayable at 240 fps, but it is fine when locked at 140 fps. In Tuesday’s patch notes, Arkane stated that it believes it has identified the problem and will update players when more information becomes available.

Even if there are still some problems, the good news is that Arkane seems to be working hard to solve these problems and trying to make the player’s PC port as smooth as possible.