Deathloop Preview-Style Assassination

As detailed in the cover story a few months ago, Deathloop is a story about a secret society that invents an eternal timeloop on a chilly northern European island called Blackreef. The catch is that most people caught in this cycle have no memory of the previous loop. Colt Vern is an unfortunate hero who actually remembers everything that happens in these loops. And if he wants to escape this pain, he must assassinate the eight leaders of the mysterious Ion program. It’s time to get to work.

Colt has the power to distort various realities called slabs and should help you gain an edge during your adventure. A single force, called a shift, allows Colt to teleport short distances or exchange locations with enemies to bring them into line of fire. Other forces either temporarily obscure the Colt or allow him to take on the appearance of someone else, both useful while sneaking around the Black Leaf. In addition, each power supply has four potential upgrades, two of which can be equipped at any time. These upgrades are stacked on top of each other, which means there are many potential ways to combine Colt’s abilities. For example, you can change the Shift to allow Colt to hover in the air and give him extra time to select a destination.

When Colt dies, he loses all the weapons and power he gained during the loop. However, players do not have to start with a square every day. Through Colt’s journey, he also obtains a material called Residum. Colt can spend Residum on his favorite weapons and powers and hold those tools between loops. Residuum is a rare resource, so players may have to think twice before using it.

Residuum pairs nicely with another in-game system called Reprise. Between each loop, Colt has several replies. This works like a little extra life. When Colt dies for the first time in a loop, time is rewound a few seconds and Colt can re-engage the challenge. However, if Colt uses Ripley’s, he will drop the Residum he had. He needs to go back to where he died and collect valuables. This is a system similar to recovering the soul in a game like Dark Souls. If Colt fails to recover the wreckage he has dropped, he will lose it forever.

When Colt took on the task of assassinating Alexis Dorsey, one of Blackleaf’s masterminds, we saw Colt take advantage of some of his power. Alexis is a wealthy aristocrat with a loose moral desire to live in a party. He owns a huge mansion in the Upderm region of Blackleaf. Naturally, that’s where Colt chooses the path.

Entering Alexis’s mansion is not easy. The location is tightly guarded and Colt is Blackleaf’s most desired location. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions to a particular problem, and Blackreef is littered with useful clues to orient the player in the right direction. In this case, Colt hears a couple of Alexis thugs talking about a secret entrance to real estate, a window overlooking a cliff. Eventually, Colt sneaks through the back room of Alexis.

Colt knows that Alexis likes to wear wolf masks. Unfortunately, most people at the party wear Alexis masks, so Colt can’t tell the difference between real Alexis and aspirants. Of course, Colt can rampage and defeat everyone in the house wearing the mask. This is a viable solution, but there may be an easier way.

During a previous playthrough, elsewhere on the island, Colt discovered an audio recording detailing Alexis’ plans to give a speech during the party. Armed with this knowledge, Colt simply finds the stage and waits for Alexis to warm up Mike. Taking Alexis out with a sniper rifle is also a viable option here, but it still gets attention, so Colt continues to explore the space and eventually opens a deadly trap door under someone’s foot on stage. Discover the button. Alexis must have installed it so that he could get rid of the person preaching the disliked message, but he probably didn’t expect himself to fall off the floor.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how to defeat Alexis, and you’ll have to wait a few more months to make that discretion. Deathloop will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on September 14th. For more information on this game, click the banner below to check out the month’s cover story.