Deathloop Radio Silence Power Station | How to open HRZN door and RAK door

It seems that Blackreef did not hide enough secrets, you may have noticed HRZN gate Dotted on the map and RAK by Updating.

These mysterious portals are just begging to be opened and play a key role in the story Endless loop.

Similarly, you may also stumble upon the related RAK door in Updaam. Juliana seems to be unsatisfied with your findings, so there is more reason to continue digging.

Here is how it can be done Radio Silence Quest and open the HRZN and RAK doors in Deathloop.

How to restart the generator and open the HRZN door

It’s easy to miss the task of making this all go smoothly. In The Complex, visit the Loop Control Center you entered at the beginning of the game, and look for the stairs next to the HRZN door outside the main office.

Here is a note that allows you to enter the power station in the morning.

Return in the morning, or if it is that time of the day, you will find yourself in a generator room.

The console has no electricity, so you need to go downstairs and restart the generator.

Clear the eternalist area and you will see two large generators with battery sockets and buttons in front of them.

As you might expect, you need a fully charged battery to power the generator and activate the console upstairs.

You can get the battery from the chair at the top of the metal staircase that you descend to the first generator room.

Or all the way back upstairs from the main loop control center office.

Or from the office on the top corner of the second generator on the other side of the building, go through the door between the first two generators.

The room between the two generator rooms is where you can find a charging station that can charge any batteries that you find more power.

When you plug the battery into the generator, it requires three turns of power to work. This means that a complete battery can do the job well.

Bypass all four generators, defeat any eternalists on the way, and return to the power console above.

Supply power to the complex and then pass through the HRZN gate in the circulation center above you.

Here, you will learn that you need to search for archives in Updaam-but the office can only be accessed in the afternoon.

Inside, there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be digested, as well as the code of the nearby RAK gate in some confidential files.

How do you open the RAK door in Deathloop’s Updaam?

Jump down from the concrete stairs next to the archives and interact with the sound lock on the RAK door to enter.

After having some more story-heavy dialogues, you point to a new goal: collect three more codes to unlock the second RAK door. You can also get a code that can be used with the power station console to send electricity to different locations.

To do this, you need to return to the power station on three different mornings and reroute the power to three different locations on three different circuits.

When you return every morning, you must restart the generator of the underground power station, and then use the console to send the freshly produced juice to Updaam, Karl’s Bay or Fristad Rock.

In Updaam, the HRZN gate is located near the bridge of Charlie’s Condition Detachment-on the corner, between it and Otto’s firework boutique.

The note you need to find is on the top of the building.

Next, at Fristad Rock, you can enter the HRZN gate from inside Fia’s studio, if you feel hot, or from the coastline outside.

Finally, in Karl’s Bay, the HRZN gate is located in the upper left corner of the map, hidden by the sea, almost the opposite of Hangar 2 where you defeated Harriet in the morning.

After accessing all three, you will have the password required to access the second RAK door. You can do this in as many or several cycles as you need, but at least three.

Back to the RAK gate, you will get more displays in the bunker, and the ultimate prize: a solution to end the cycle once and for all.

All that remains now is to draw a route through all the Visionaries of Blackreef in one day-then return to RAK for the final showdown.

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