Deathloop Smoking Contest | How to Obtain the Smoke Door Code Convention

If you like the smell of Updaam in the morning, please go to Deathloop’s smoking competition For a crafty man near Colt’s apartment Door code puzzle.

This is one of your first introductions to the versatility of Deathloop puzzles and how to interact with the time loop in different ways to produce different results.

You will have to visit three different locations in three different loops to collect all Smoke Door Cipher Convention, And all for a rather dubious prize.

remember, Deathloop randomizes the door code and other numbers between the player and the game, So other players’ solutions will most likely not work in your game-you need to complete all the steps yourself.

To complete the Updaam Smoking competition task, you will visit Updaam in the morning and afternoon, and twice in the afternoon to visit Karl’s Bay-but the results are different.

How to break the smoking competition in Deathloop

You are most likely looking for a solution after stumbled upon the smoking competition puzzle, but from the apartment window that Colt opened-just to the right of the library and in front of Dorsey Square-turn around and look at the set metal staircase.

There is a door, or an open window on the right, which leads to a room with a temporary smoking game machine. Around the nearby desks and rooms, you will find some contextual notes that can give you an idea of ​​the situation: one of the eternalists is planning a fatal prank on others, trying to occupy the room for himself.

From the smoking game machine, walk along the pipe on the floor and you will find a connected machine with a button and light on it.

Pressing the button will change which pipe is safe to inhale, and therefore, which eternalist will survive the game.

Destroying the machine affects which of the three codes you can collect later, and eventually allows you to enter the room when you have all three codes.

By default, the light is in the middle, but you can also change it to a red pipe at the top or a blue pipe at the bottom.

How to obtain the contract of the smoke door password

First, leave the smoking competition machine as it is, and then return to Updaam in the afternoon.

Back in the smoking competition room, you will find a new audio log and notes of the prank perpetrator Cass.

These provide you with the first piece of the puzzle and allow you to start solving the mystery.

Next, return to the Pact of Smoke room in Updaam in the morning.

This time, press the button until the light is close to the red tube. Then leave the switch card.

In the afternoon, head to Carl Bay, turn left when you leave the tunnel, and follow the road up past the Forever Young mural and the outer wall of the Garden of Perception.

On the other side, go down the stairs in front of you and look through the open door on the right.

Inside this building, you will find a note containing a second smoke contract door code from another eternalist who has now survived the smoking competition.

Leave the switch card and return to Updaam in the morning.

This time, press the button until it is close to the blue pipe, and then leave.

Again, line up to enter Carl Bay in the afternoon, but this time once you pass the facade of the Garden of Perception, turn right.

Then cross the roof in front of you.

Turn around and you will see a building called “Best of Blackreef”. Inside, in the light of the TV wall, you will find the last notes and the last smoke door code.

You can now come back to Updaam in the morning, afternoon or evening to collect your prizes. Unless you are very, very interested in the legend of Deathloop, it may be a little impressive.

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