Deathloop The Moxie | How to complete the laser and pressure board game

exist Endless loop, One of Charlie Montagu’s giant LARP games, Mosi, Open in Updaam in the afternoon.Use one Powerful prizes Promise to the victorious winner, what else can Colt do besides using every technique in the book to catch it for himself?

There are 6 puzzles to be solved in The Moxie. Here are how to complete them and the rewards you will get.

Check out the featured video above for a visual guide I played The Moxie and won the highest award.

Where can I find The Moxie in Deathloop

The Moxie is just outside a tunnel in Colt, a white building on the lowest level of Updaam, open to challengers in the afternoon.

After entering, there is a button in front of you. Press it to hear Charlie Montagu’s brief introduction to the game. He explained two aspects of the game.

On the left side of the three-story building, you need to pass the impossible mission style travel laser before you can reach the other side. On the right, you need to walk to the other end of the room while standing only on the glowing tiles.

Both seem simple, but there is a turning point. You must complete all 6 puzzles within a limited time to get the ultimate prize.

If you haven’t equipped it yet, Without Charlie or Juliana’s Shift Slab, this challenge would be almost impossibleIn addition, you also need to achieve an upgrade.

Likewise, if you need a visual guide, please check if there is an embedded video I run in The Moxie at the top of the page.

Moxie-first floor

On the first floor of The Moxie, your task is the simplest task they will complete, but it is still not easy.

On the left, you can try to squeeze past the lasers, but the best way is to abuse the way Shift Slab works and then pull them past as if they don’t exist.

Hide under the first beam, then move past 5 rows that move side by side. If you do not reach far enough to upgrade, move forward when there is room. Next, you can use the remaining laser to perform Shift.

On the right, the pressure plate lights up in the form of three squares, moving down one square per second. You can do this the old-fashioned way, and then jump between them, thinking about exercise while walking. Once you reach about three-quarters of the way, cheat and move to the end. Continue upstairs.

Moxie-second floor

This time the pressure plate is on the left, and you can say that this task is easier than the previous one. The solid light block moves one square to the left or right in a uniform manner every second, and you need to calculate a jump to move between them.

Trying to double jump here may not end well, but you should have enough time to move up about three-quarters in an orderly manner before moving to the end. Next, on the right, the laser is even busier this time.

Use a jump to skip the first laser, then move forward and over the moving laser to the left.

On the other side, hide under the next laser, then move to the end.

The Moxie-third floor

On the last layer, the laser is on the left again, and the pressure plate is on the right.

To pass the third group of lasers, you need to arrange three fast shifts.

If you look in the middle of the room, you will see three sets of lasers moving back and forth, and the two outside lasers are opposite to the middle one.

Aim your Shift to the space left by the laser on the left or right, and then move there. Soon afterwards, aim another Shift at the space behind the laser on the other side of the room, so that you can pull it into a zigzag shape, avoiding both.

Finally, you should now be within the range of Shift to the end of the room.

As for the third set of pressure plates, it is much simpler than it seems at first. Basically, the starting and ending points of this puzzle are the same as the floor below, where the blocks are arranged in a long line.

Treat the beginning of the floor like this, and then move the scattered block in the middle to where the block on the other side becomes a line again. Then you can shift to the button again.

If you complete The Moxie within the allotted time, you can now claim your prize-a rapier that will never run out of ammo (unless you miss it). Go find some eternalists to test it!

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