Deathloop What Wenjie Wants | How to Assassinate Dr. Wenjie Evans

Dr. Wenjie Evans is not only one of the visionaries who jointly promoted the Blackreef cycle in Deathloop, but also a pioneer in the field of Infusion experiments.

Wenjie’s Infusion research is the secret of Colt’s ability to keep items between loops, which may take you to her door when you use Deathloop.

Beating her in the lab of The Complex is one of the most interesting early scenes in the game, but there is a more complicated task waiting for you to manipulate her to the right place in the final game: What Wenjies Want.

How to beat Wenjie in the complex

From the tunnel below Blackreef, walk straight ahead and you will see Wenjie in the huge laboratory of The Complex.

The laboratory consists of a main tower and several sub-nodes, including the infusion research you need and Dr. Wenjie himself.

Follow the task mark and you will find Wenjie wandering in the laboratory wearing white clothes, suitable for picking.

Beat her loudly or quietly as you like, and your mark will be updated.

It turns out that the doctor’s space research has caused some duplication problems.

When you defeat a Wenjie, you will get the other two target HUD markers, and to complete the assassination, you need to kill them all.

There is a gorgeous way to get rid of all Wenjie clones in the central tower, but it requires some setup.

At the bottom (blue) of the sublab on the right, you can find the code on the whiteboard.

This allows you to access the machines in the sub-lab on the left.

Then, you can press the button on the wall on the way to the main tower to decompress the building.

However, this is very picky. To be honest, I prefer to use the old-fashioned way to take out all the Wenjie.

Sweep the complex methodically, defeat Wenjie in any way you like, and then you can advance your injection mission at the bottom of the central tower.

How do you accomplish what Wenjie wants in the death cycle?

As you complete more Visionary Leads in Deathloop, your investigation of Charlie and Fia will also have some impact on Dr. Wenjie.

When uncovering the secret of Fia’s password, you will also stumble upon the password to Wenjie’s private residence in The Complex.

This is an important discovery you seek to maneuver the visionary to the same place for easy disposal, so please go to The Complex around noon that suits you.

Go to the mission marker, it’s in the side bunker, where you found the code for the lab’s unstable machine.

Open the code lock of her laboratory, and then start rummaging.

There are many notes, audio logs and computer messages for careful reading, as well as maps of Updaam.

Your search will eventually lead Wenjie to be very interested in the mysterious HRZN and RAK gates scattered around Blackreef, especially in Updaam.

You also find that Alexis invited Wenjie to his party, but she refused. However, if you can get her to attend that party, she will become an easier and more efficient target, thus freeing up your afternoon time.

In order to make a more convincing invitation, you need to return to Updaam at noon and go to Charlie’s Condition Detachment game to talk to the 2-Bit computer.

They are located on the third level of the game, the rocket cockpit level, which you can easily enter by moving up the outside of the building.

Hack the blinds of the 2-Bit room and talk to them.

In order to record Aleksis, 2-Bit needs to record this jerky socialite. But to get one, you have to catch his party at Updaam in the evening.

There is a very simple and hidden way to get the information you need. In front of Dorsey Manor, climb the billboard above the main entrance, then Shift into the room.

Turn right and stay on the roof, then transfer to the roof in front of you.

Looking to the left, an open window leads to Aleksis’s private bathroom. Move inward.

If you want, you can get some information that will eventually help you assassinate Aleksis here, but for the task at hand, please continue around the corner and take the notes from the corner table.

This tells you that Aleksis’ recordings are kept in a safe, which is delivered to Updaam’s library around noon.

Go back to the next cycle and enter the library through the open window Shift.

At this time, there was no one around, so I opened the safe and took the doll in.

You must now sweep the boasting doll to the 2-Bit on the top of the Condition Detachment, avoiding the eternalists on the way.

If you run into trouble, you can put down the doll at any time, deal with the threat, and then pick it up again.

The best way to do this is to move up the side of the game build as usual.

Give the wolf doll to 2-Bit, and when they ask you what kind of invitation you think is the best, they say: “Give Wenjie what she wants”, alluding to her pursuing the RAK gate under Updaam.

2-Bit will play the invitation to Wenjie in all subsequent loops. This means that unless you kill her earlier in the day, Wenjie will now appear on the roof terrace at Alexis’s party at night, and her usual location.

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