Deathverse: Let It Die brings online action to PS4 and PS5 in 2022

Already bored Knockout city or Destroy All Stars? Don’t worry: Last night’s broadcast status broadcast showed another online multiplayer action game in the following form Death Poem: Let it die – It will land on PS4 and PS5 next year.

Deathverse and Let It Die happen in the same parallel universe. Let It Die is a popular free PS4 game launched in 2016…Although this new game is set in the future hundreds of years later. Check out the trailer below.

The premise is simple: in this “multiplayer survival action” game, you have to participate in a TV game show that is popular all over the world. It is essentially a battle royale of “survival is the only rule”.

For this, you can use katana, chainsaw, hammer, etc. to protect yourself and resist all those who will challenge you to survive in the world. The more fashionable your executions and techniques, the more the audience will like you, which is said to be frothing for more real violence.

Although the main content of the game is PvP, it also seems to have some PvE elements: “Nearly invincible hunters” will be deployed during the game to keep you alert and prove that survival is not just about killing other people-it’s also about yourself Avoid death.

The game will not be developed by Grasshopper Manufacture like the original Let it Die, but a collaborative project between GungHo and Supertrick Games.

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