Deathverse: Let It Die is getting two public betas, the first of which will happen next week

Deathverse: Let It Die is an arena-based melee fighting game, the follow-up to 2016’s Let It Die, announced at last October’s PlayStation showcase, and now everyone will have a chance to experience it for themselves.

That’s because Deathverse has two public betas, the first of which is due next week. More specifically, it will take place on May 28th from 1pm to 7pm PDT. The second session will be held on June 5th from 1pm to 6am PDT. PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners can start today from the PlayStation Store.

“In Deathverse: Let It Die, players compete as contestants on the world-renowned television show Death Jamboree in a 16-player survival battle arena,” reads a release. “Accompanied by your trusty robotic sidekick Wilson, you must fight off player-controlled CPU enemies in PvPvE mayhem.”

During the beta period, dubbed “Limited Time Open Beta: Destroy Servers!”, players will have access to the game’s tutorials, training mode and ranked matches. While fighting each other, players also need to survive the CPU-controlled enemy Cryptids.

Occasionally, “ruthless hunters enter the arena” and players have only two choices when confronting them: run or die.

You can transform your robot companion Wilson into one of five different weapon types, including a machete, a circular saw, and even a katana. All the action will take place on different battlefields in the game, and in order to shorten the turn time, different areas of each battlefield will be contaminated – if you stay in these contaminated areas for too long, you will start to lose health.

“To give fans a dramatic final fight, the showdown area opens at the end of each game,” reads a release. “Play one-on-one and be the last competitor standing in this penalty area.”

Everyone who participates in one of the betas will receive some free bonuses when the full game launches, such as the Test Pilot title, T-Pose Emote, and Premium Uncle-D2 decals. Additionally, players who reach the fourth tier of the Tower of Barbs in Let It Die will receive the title Senpai. For more on all of this, be sure to head over to the official Deathverse: Let It Die website.

Would you like to check out Deathverse: Let It Die in one of the betas? Let us know in the comments below!