Deep Rock Galaxy Season 2 Release Date, Free Battle Pass and DLC Revealed

Ghost Ship Games, creators of Deep Rock Galactic, announced Season 2 back in December 2021. Finally, a few months later, a 6-minute trailer has been released with a free season pass.

Through a roadmap update released back in December, players learned that Deep Rock Galactic’s second season is expected to launch sometime between March and April this year, and here we are, Season 2: Rivals Upgrades will be coming to 4 It goes live on May 28 for Steam players, and May 5 for those with Xbox and PlayStation.

As expected, Season 2 begins with Rival Incursion and your mining operations are still disrupted by your opponents. So, Season 2 will oversee you going further head-to-head with them as each of you tries to work with each other. Opponents don’t seem to have any plans to go down easily, however, and you’ll have to target their new communications, hordes of robots, and a terrifying new enemy this season.

To counter the increased effort of your opponents, the update will grant you the use of secondary weapons to help you against them, which will also have their own upgrade tree.

In addition to that, Season Event bonuses have roughly doubled, and there’s a new Season Challenge for players to start. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re offering a free seasonal battle pass, which features a variety of unique cosmetic items. This includes resources, paint jobs, and beards, and who doesn’t want their miners to have epic beards?

For those of you who haven’t finished season 1, there’s no need to race against time. All cosmetic items that haven’t been unlocked will be moved to Season 2 and can be found by looting crates and more. As if all of the major in-game content was free wasn’t pleasant enough, cristobalite has been added as a currency for the in-game store. Cristobalite can be collected from in-game mines, and if you save enough, you can also pick up some items from the store.

Now, paid DLC is also available if you have the funds. The Robot Rebellion Pack allows you to showcase your previous success in outfits inspired by last season’s competitors.

Did I mention that every time you fail a mission, you are now taken back to base in a medical gown? I didn’t know I needed this, but now I do. What are you most looking forward to in Deep Rock Galaxy Season 2?