Dell’s current RTX 30 series gaming laptops are cheaper than productivity laptops

If you are buying a new work laptop with gaming features as a reward on the market, then you are living in a golden age.Who needs less than three cents New XPS 15 With integrated graphics, when can you buy a Dell with RTX 3050 for a fraction of that price? Of course, the XPS series are fancy, they are definitely top productivity machines, but if you want to play games on one machine, the price of the model with the 3050 Ti is about AUD 3,500.

Or you can view This deal On the new Dell G15, it has i5-11400H, RTX 3050 and 8GB of DDR4 RAM.It’s usually $1,799, but Dell is currently whipping it 1,439 Australian dollars (A$360 discount). This includes a 120Hz 1080p display with a 512GB SSD.