Deltarune chapters 3-5 are in production, but you won’t get them for free

Just after we couldn’t wait to get in touch with the second chapter of Deltarune, the follow-up chapter of Toby Fox’s highly regarded Undertale, the creator announced that more games are in development.

The second chapter of Deltarune was released last week, three years after the initial part of the project was launched after Undertale’s great success. The game is available for free, although this was never Fox’s title plan.

According to Fox, Chapter 2 is freely available because “the world has been very difficult for everyone these days.” “There is only one request,” he added. “Remember, games like this are usually not free. If you can afford it, please spend the money you save from getting this game for free to support other independent developers.

now at A new blog post Fox has some understanding of the development of Deltarune and confirmed that his “next goal” is to complete chapters 3, 4, and 5 of Deltarune in one go, and then ask people to buy the five important chapters of the game at a price that reflects their efforts .

“I don’t know the price yet, but it will definitely be more expensive than Undertale,” Fox explained. “So, next time you want to ask,’When will the third chapter come out,’ you can ask,’When can I buy chapters 3/4/5? I will give you a lot of money.”

If you want this to be a direct follow-up to Undertale, then you can look forward to—but common problem Because the game clearly states that “this is not Undertale’s world”.

Nonetheless, the mechanics and atmosphere are quite similar-just like some of the faces you will encounter. Therefore, if you are looking for something to solve Undertale’s itch, you may be doing much worse than the free experience that Fox has generously provided so far.

Undertale landed on Xbox Game Pass earlier this year.