Demi Adejuyigbe’s September 21st video, ranked from excellent to perfect

2021 is already a long and long year, but there is still something pure and beautiful in the world: Demi Adejuyigbe’s annual upgrade “September” video. Comedian, podcast (Gilmore guys, punch the jam) And TV writer (Great place, amber lavender show) Is famous for his videos on Twitter, from Add lyrics to succession theme song arrive Creatively explain the wrong lyricsBut he is best known for his annual tradition of releasing a video on September 21, which is quoted in “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

And he did it again. After raising more than $330,000 for charity last year, the King of September fulfilled his promise and produced another video featuring Earth, Wind and Fire. Adejuyigbe used the video again to raise funds for urgent reasons (Western Fund, sunrise, with Imagine a water plant), although he claimed that this will be the last part of the epic series. (Of course, he said before.) Donate to these causes through the mobile network You will be invited to participate in the lottery; in the latest video, Adejuyigbe said that the grand prize is his own September 21 themed painting and will be handed over to the winner anywhere in the world. (At the time of writing, about two hours after the video was played, fans have donated nearly $320,000.) Although we hope he will reconsider canceling the annual tradition, we can safely know about the earth, wind and fire approve These mini masterpieces.

With the reduction of six items, maybe…maybe? …Not coming anymore, we take this opportunity to rank “September” videos, not because we think some videos are inherently better than others, but because there is no better way to consolidate a series As important art rather than arguing about it on the Internet.

6. September 21, 2017

The 2017 video opens with a red background. Wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt with the words “SEPT 21” printed on Demi, it suddenly appeared on the screen at the beginning of the lyrics of “September”. He danced around, but this time he interrupted the pause with the explosion of the confetti gun, which was a pleasant addition. When he turned around, the punch line came, as if to show the back of his shirt. Let’s assume it will say “it’s here today” as it did in the first video. But it is blank! Demi raised his “One Second” finger, took a pair of scissors from his pocket, and walked out of the screen. The bed sheet came down, exposing the wall behind. On the wall were balloons spelling “September 21” and banners that said “Today is today”. Demi jumped in and out of the screen again, firing a confetti cannon first, and then playing a saxophone that also ejected confetti.

The sequel is hard (just ask Speed ​​2: Cruise control Director Jan de Bont), and Adejuyigbe did an excellent job of expanding the original premise without losing the core spirit of the joke. However, it mostly just hit the same note as the original video, which is why it ranks at the bottom of our list.

5. September 21, 2016

The first video in the series opens with a shot of an empty room. At the beginning of the lyrics, Demi’s head suddenly appeared in the frame, round sunglasses pushed all the way to the tip of his nose. He began to dance, slowly rising until his shirt was exposed. It is printed with the date “September 21”. “Oh,” you think, “I saw what he did there.” At the right time-at the beginning of the choir’s “ba de ya”-he turned to reveal the back of his shirt with the words “Today It’s today”. A perfect button.

This is OG, and it is a difficult behavior to follow because it is mostly interesting because you want to know “Where is he going?” for so long. The fact that it ranks relatively low is a testament to Adejuyigbe’s skill in improving jokes.

4. September 21, 19

By 2019, people have high expectations for the annual “September” video. To illustrate this expectation, the 2019 video was opened on the calendar, and the date was crossed out before September 21. Then the camera moved away from the calendar and opened an empty kitchen. Things broke out suddenly.

As the lyrics began, the refrigerator door opened, revealing the words “Do you remember?” In the vinyl sticker, then pop Adejuyigbe. He crawled out of the refrigerator wearing a new “SEPT 21” shirt and began to dance. He opened the cabinet along the way, with “9” and “21” stickers on the door. He jumped onto a blank wall, then threw confetti from the screen and arranged himself in “SEPT 21” on the wall. He continued to walk to his sofa, on which were pillows with “9” and “21” printed on it. He pointed to the TV that was showing the “September” video of Earth, Wind and Fire. But who is behind the scenes? It was Adejuyigbe again, dancing in his “SEPT 21” shirt. When the camera found him again, he returned to the original “SEPT 21” white T-shirt. He danced with a full mariachi band and played “September” with balloons spelling “SEPTEMBER 21” and a homemade banner that said “THATS TODAY”. Demi returned to the picture, this time wearing a “SEPT 21” hat, playing a flute and blowing out confetti.

This entry is by far the most ambitious, with a moving camera, some impressive video editing, and multiple clothing changes. It illustrates Adejuyigbe’s maturity as a comedian and proves that he can dig out every bit of humor from a joke.

3. September 21, 21

Use one Shiny new Emmy nominations (In order to write Amber Raffen Show) Under his belt, Adejuyigbe brought exquisite Hollywood touches to his sixth and final (I mean…we will see) “September” video. Demi and Addie Weyrich (people you may know—she Dancing with him in her car After Trump lost the 2020 election) on the impact of the 1978 film musical ending grease, This year’s video was shot like a dream sequence of an independent film.Wear Saturday night party-The styled pink suit makes the date dazzling. Demi dances in a kitsch-filled backyard. It turned out to be the home of the late composer Ellie Willis, who was the co-author of “September”.

At the end of the song is the necessary confetti flying out of the instrument-this time it’s a drum.Adjuigbe reflects grease Fly into the sky in a car with comedian Ben Cahn to play Danny Zuko. In the phone footage in the subtitles, the members of Earth, Wind and Fire congratulate Demi on maintaining their legacy for another year. We ended a video of Demi’s boss, Amber Ruffin, backstage at the Emmys. We talked about how much she liked the “September” video, and finally asked “Is this one?” When she realized that these shots would be used What to do when you come.

As the first stage of grief, this may be a case of denial, but despite the ending footage hinting at the end, I can’t seem to support this video as the last entry of the September legend. It feels not grand enough. I want more! I need to close! It is for this reason that I cannot rank the 2021 video above third, because I firmly believe that there is still a new height to be reached.

2. September 21, 20

This is the potential swan song of a comedian at his peak. It might have been the last video that opened on the alarm clock, set it to 9:21, panned to the calendar on September 21, and then showed a bedroom. There is a lump under the quilt, so we assume that Adejuyigbe will jump out of bed and start dancing. Do not! Someone moved on the wall, and Adejuyigbe turned to find that he was wearing a hoodie that matched the wallpaper. He danced toward the camera, then jumped down, and found the bedroom in a truck parked by the Los Angeles freeway. He began to dance on the road, and the camera panned to a billboard painted with the words “SEPT 21”. What is that in the sky? It is one of those airplanes that fly banners. Of course, the banner says “That’s it today”. Adejuyigbe jumped back to the truck, and the side of the truck spelled out “SEPT 21” with balloons. He plays the trombone, which of course ejects confetti. Fades to black. The video is a so-called shot. This is a sinking 8 ball. This is a dunk. (These are all the sports metaphors I know.)

1. 9/21/18

The third video in the series is different from the first two entries and starts with Adejuyigbe. When he played the opening note of “September” on the keyboard in the garage, he turned his back to the camera. The camera zoomed in, he got up and turned around, revealing… a shirt with a question mark? Wait, this is not Adjuigbe at all!

As the lyrics began, a piece of paper came down, and our hero danced in a suit and sunglasses. He tore off his suit, revealing his trustworthy “SEPT 21” T-shirt. When the chorus began, the sheets fell again-revealing the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, all of them wearing “SEPT 21” T-shirts and singing “ba de ya — 21st September / ba-de-ya — September” at the concert. The 21st. “Demi came back with an oboe that could fire confetti. Everyone was dancing and singing.

This may be a controversial ranking, but I am a fool of the children’s choir. There was even an ending scene where Adejuyigbe said “I think we understand” and the children cheered, which is really cute. We all hope that he will come back again and again and surpass himself, but it is hard to imagine how he will surpass this goal in our hearts.