Demon Slayer and 11 new movies available on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon

This weekend, there will be a theater premiere that is neither Netflix nor HBO Max. F9, The latest in the acclaimed family drama action series starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. Even if for some reason you haven’t managed to go to the theater for this week’s blockbuster movie, there are still plenty of great movies to stream and rent from home this weekend!

This week’s new release of Slate has the long-awaited streaming premiere. Kimetsu no Yaiba The Kimetsu no Yaiba movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba” A blockbuster supernatural anime feature based on the acclaimed anime and manga series. This week, Pierce Brosnan is back. Rosemary’s baby Riff false positives; Liam Neeson plays Netflix’s Ice Road Tracker.

To help you understand what’s new and available, here’s a movie you can watch this weekend with the click of a button.

Kimetsu no Yaiba The Kimetsu no Yaiba movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Where to look: Streamable FunimationAvailable for $ 19.99 Amazon Or Apple

Image: Funimation

Kimetsu no Yaiba The Kimetsu no Yaiba movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba” When it first premiered, it swept the world, becoming the world’s highest-selling R-anime movie and the world’s fourth-highest-selling movie during its first theatrical release. Picked up from the end of the first season of the anime, the movie is Kyojuro Renkuro, a “flame rash” in which Sumimon Kamon and his demon-killing cohort ride on the so-called infinite train (or Infinity train in English). Followed to join in when they investigate a mysterious disappearance rash. From our review

Kimetsu no Yaiba The Kimetsu no Yaiba movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Is a stunning encapsulation of the series’ strengths and charms, filled with thrilling action moments, intense emotional gravity, and a wonderful moment of lightness and humor that affirms the character.It’s not the best point for newcomers to the series to get in Devil’s Blade Devil’s Blade Although fandom, it nevertheless asserts that it is a completely entertaining and thrilling vehicle that feels inevitable and essential to see.

False positives

Where to look: Streamable Hulu

Pierce Brosnan as a False Positive Dr. Hindle

Photo: A24

After months of trying to get pregnant, Lucy (Ilana Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux) seek the help of a fertility specialist in the form of Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan). It seems to work when the pair becomes pregnant with a healthy baby girl, but Lucy suffers from obstructive vision and begins to suspect that Hindle, and even her husband, have caught her in a terrifying proportion. I will.If it sounds like this Rosemary’s baby Well … it might be worth checking out for you!

Ice road

Where to look: Streamable Netflix

Liam Neeson wearing a knit hat on the ice road

Image: Netflix

I’ve seen Liam Neeson on the train. You have seen him on an airplane. Now you can finally see him driving a truck! Ice road Starring Neeson as a microphone. Mike must direct a seemingly impossible rescue mission to save the lives of a group of 26 miners trapped after the collapse of the Diamond Reserve. As the storm approaches, Mike has to race over the frozen sea before time runs out.


Where to look: Available for rent for $ 5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu

Willem Dafoe holding a toy horse in Siberia

Photo: Lions Gate

Willem Dafoe starring Bad lieutenant Psychological thriller directed by Abel Ferrara Siberia As Clint, a non-Siberian expatriate who leaves his old life to open a bar. A lot of weird shit happens (unless you think it’s weird to be attacked by a bear), forced by a series of hallucinations caused by his protracted doubts and regrets, Clint embarks on a dog sled and discovers him. Seeking a solution to the trauma of the past. I’m not going to lie to you, the trailer looks stiff, but maybe it’s ridiculous in a fun way?


Where to look: Available for rent for $ 5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple; $ 4.99 at Vudu

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Katie Selton THE UNHOLY from Screen Gems

Photo: Ghost House Pictures

Director Evan Spiliotopoulos Unholy Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan (walking DeadAs shameful journalist Gerald “Jerry” Fen investigating Alice’s story ()Cricket brown), A girl with deafness who is said to have miraculous healing ability. But as Alice’s supposed “miracle” begins to unfold strange and horrifying things, it’s up to Gerry to uncover the true source of her mysterious power.


Where to look: Available for rent for $ 6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu

Harvey Keitel pointing finger at Lansky

Photo: Vertical Entertainment

Starring Sam Worthington (Avatar) And Harvey Keitel (Mean Street.. John Magaro (Overload, Big short) When the elder criminal boss tells the tragic story of his rise in the underground world of criminal gangs, he portrays Lansky in his youth. David needs to stay one step ahead of both them and his subject, as the FBI is listening to their conversations to track down Lansky’s hidden sources of property. Otherwise there is a risk of landing on a shallow grave.

And this is what fell last Friday:


Where to look: Streamable Disney plus

When Alberto's face turns into half the scales of a sea monster, Luka and Alberto are hiding under the table.

Image: Pixar

Pixar’s Fantasy Coming-of-Age Luka is Luka PagroRoomJacob Tranbray) and his friend Alberto Scorfano (ShazamJack Dylan Grazer), two young sea monsters, taking the form of human children as they explore the idyllic Italian Riviera town of Porto Rosso. From our review

In Luke, magic is in the details that flesh out the human world. The underwater environment is certainly gorgeous, but the seaside town of Porto Rosso is really shining. Through the eyes of Luke and Albert, it makes sense that the human setting should be very lovingly enhanced. The laundry hanging between the streets, the bumpy cobblestones, the posters on the walls, and all the details create a gorgeous real-world rendition. It’s not realistic, but the city is a little warmer, a little brighter, a little golden, and it’s like a rosy memory. Stylization boosts this blissful summer shared by three friends.

Disney + Luka

Price at the time of publication.

The latest Pixar originals are streamed for free with a Disney Plus monthly subscription


Where to look: Streamable Netflix

Kevin Hart holding a baby in paternity


To Paternity Kevin Hart will star as Matt. Matt is a recent widow who has to raise her new baby daughter alone as a single parent. As a trade comedy, it’s rarely unprecedented to see the audience working on a more serious and emotionally charged role, but from the look of the trailer, Paternity It’s becoming a heartwarming, emotional story with some classic gags properly introduced.

Space between

Where to look: Available for rent for $ 5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple; $ 4.99 at Vudu

Kelsey Grammer sits at the far end of the kitchen table and eats a sandwich, with flames raging around him.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Golden Globe Award-winning Kelsey Grammer in Rachel Winter’s comedy drama Space between As Mickey Adams, an eccentric rock musician who loses his grip on reality after a slow career slump defined by a creative misfire and a terrible critical reception. Upon entering Charlie Porter (Jackson White), a young man from the Adams label forces him to cancel his dream of success. Together, the two form an unlikely friendship when Mickey gives Charlie his own hard-earned lessons about music, love, and life.

Godzilla vs Kong

Where to look: Available for $ 19.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Vudu

Godzilla vs. King Kong confronts Godzilla vs. King Kong aircraft carrier

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Photo

Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse rethinks Toho’s most famous monster, and Adam Wingard’s pinnacle is finally Godzilla vs Kong.. Who will win the battle between the giant lizards that emit radiation and the big old monkeys with sign language-filled gold and palm hearts? The answer is clear: we do! From our review

Godzilla vs Kong Is a 113-minute discussion of a movie projected on a huge screen in front of a large number of people. It’s a smart and fun time. Depending on the progress and limitations of the local pandemic recovery, movie fans will triumphantly welcome their return to the theater with a spectacular sight, or watch on HBO Max instead, resulting in even longer wait times. I will. I watched it on a 55-inch TV at home, but I was furious that I couldn’t see it in the theater, or at least it was projected next to my apartment. But I was so busy cheering for the sight in front of me that I couldn’t keep angry for a long time.


Where to look: Available for rent for $ 6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Vudu

Pierce Brosnan as the famous thief Richard Pace in Miss Fitz

Photo: Paramount Home Entertainment

Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye) will appear in Miss Fitz as Richard Pace, a robbery caper directed by Renny Harlin. The group’s latest robbers are their most daring: the cash of millions of gold sticks trapped under one of the world’s toughest and most remote prisons. Nick Cannon (Wild’n out), Tim Roth (pulp Fiction), Lami Jaber, Jamie Chung (Lovecraft country), Brosnan is the obvious star behind the whole charm of this movie.If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you were led by former James Bond Oceans 11-Wind robbery movie, you should consider giving Nonconformity One shot.