Demon Slayer: Mugen Train actors shared their favorite production moments

Based on Goto Mitsuyoshi’s manga, Demon Slayer Franchise During the COVID-19 pandemic, its popularity has increased due to the increase in sales of comics. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train Released in theaters in 2020, the box office revenue in Japan during the premiere weekend was US$350 million, surpassing the record set by Hayao Miyazaki Spirited Away As the highest-grossing Japanese movie of all time. The film will be re-edited into seven episodes of animation on October 10th, with new footage.

Demon Slayer The series tells the kind-hearted Tanjirou, with a keen sense of smell, he ventured into the profession of killing demons and vowed to find a way to restore the humanity of his demon sister. Tanjirou often confuses other slayers with compassion after gaining his colorful allies, expressing his strong compassion for the devil’s soul.

Mugen Train See Tanjirou and his team facing the ruthless demons Enmu and Akaza, dangerous dreams, and the loss of Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku. This animation is composed of episodes adapted from the movie, including original episodes set before the movie event. In order to keep the material in the movie fresh, there are new music tracks, a new opening and 70 new scene clips, including a scene where Rengoku participates in a pre-training mission.

Anime fans relived the fun and sadness on the Mugen Train at the 2021 New York Comic Con-a little bit. Aleks Le (Zenitsu), Abby Trott (Nezuko), Landon McDonald (Enmu) and Lucien Dodge (Akaza and the film’s ADR screenwriter) gathered in a spoiler-filled panel to discuss the recording experience Mugen Train.

Trott expresses the dream scene most interestingly, in which Nezuko is shown in her “Red Cliff Side”. Interestingly, she recorded Inosuke’s comedy dream sequence before Nezuko’s serious scene, so when Nezuko was a rabbit in Inosuke’s weird head space, she was confused.

Le talked about Zenitsu, an easily frightened killer, “He won’t be very happy. For the more serious part of the movie, I can bring a heroic side. This is the first time he truly protects Nezuko as a person.” He Laughed. “A lot of people who watched the trailer thought I was replaced because it showed a Zenitsu clip [heroic] While thinking, oh no, Alex was fired. “

Although someone asked Le if he treated Zenitsu’s frightening character in a different way from the first season of the anime, his portrayal of him was the same, just growing. “He always wanted to be a protector, but he never had a chance to prove himself in front of his friends. When he did something cool, no one would see it,” he said. “It’s like you shred a piece of paper and throw it in the trash can, but no one is there.”

MacDonald said that he liked the insidious Enmu very much, “I don’t think he is a bad person. He is just a person who wants to be promoted.” He took out an Enmu Chibi plush doll to display. “Look at this guy and tell me he is a villain!” Le stretched out his hand and squeezed the doll mischievously.

As for the other villain, the script ADR will eventually play himself as Akaza.Dodge elaborated: “When I was writing the English dubbing script, I was not Akaza. I performed the line to determine if it flows and whether it mimics the character naturally? I guess whether it needs to be adjusted. When I entered the character, I couldn’t bear it. Living [think] When writing this role, I might play this role well. “

Other actors, Zach Aguilar (Tanjiro), Bryce Pappenbrook (Inosuke), and Mark Wheaton (Rengoku) expressed their insights on the arc of the acting role through pre-recorded videos.

Aguilar sympathizes with Tanjirou. “The key to using these moments is to imagine my own family in Tanjiro’s family. He is a child who has lost his entire family, except for Nezuko. Now on the moving train, he can see his family again in his dream and make a decision. Determined to realize the dream and move on,” he said. “When Tanjiro yelled at Akaza, it was an accumulation of his frustration throughout the series and movies.”

Proud, wild boar head Inosuke is sprouting to become a more sober and openly emotional person Mugen TrainPappenbrook said: “When he is really the one who makes the right decision, playing the role of the leader, I like to play these scenes.” “When Inosuke cries [in the movie] This is the ugliest cry in the world. “An audience member shouted: “Like a king!” “

Seven episodes remake Mugen Train The movie will be shown on Funimation from October 10th. The second season will begin on December 5th, with a one-hour premiere.