Designed for Shin Megami Tensei V designed for Mara, Kaya-no-hime, etc.

We are still a month away from the release of Shin Goddess Tensei V on November 12th. What better way to celebrate than to learn more about the game? Today, we provide exclusive information and screenshots showing the demons you will encounter and what awaits you at Da’at, another Tokyo after the end of the world.

First of all, the devil! During the journey, you will encounter more than 200 demons. You can expect classics, but there will also be several new demons, designed by Masayuki Doi, who has been working with Atlus since “Persona 2: Innocence”. Today, we will see how some classic demons, such as Mara and Gaya no Ji, are updated for the game. Yes, we also have more research on Nu Wa and her combat abilities. She will cause a lot of trouble to the protagonist, won’t she?

Now that we have followed some of the faces you will meet, it’s time to see where you will meet them. During SMT V, you will explore Da’at, which is another post-apocalyptic Tokyo. As we showed in the last update, the terrain of this vast world will change drastically according to the region, and the enemies and challenges in the traversing will also change drastically. We also discussed Gustave and Cadaver’s Hollow, you can access them through the ground vein, so that you can save them in different locations in Da’at. Today, we have more screens to showcase Gustav.

In our previous update, we also discussed Abscess and Task Navigator. Abscesses are mysterious red structures that block your way and are accompanied by powerful enemies lurking nearby. Eliminating abscesses can clear the way and bring you glory, you can use it to master a powerful new ability called miracles. The gallery below shows this, along with task navigator Amanozako, who acts as your guide as you explore Da’at, providing useful hints and pointing to the treasure. Atlus said that she will not be your only navigator, confirming that some demons may also join you as navigators, rather than allies in battle.

That’s it for the time being. Enjoy a more detailed understanding of Shin Goddess Tensei V? Let us know what you are most excited about about this game in the comments below. This game will be exclusively available on Nintendo Switch on November 12th.