Desktop Simulator Studio Permanently Ends Global Chat, Donates $10K to Transgender Advocacy Group

Tabletop emulator developer Berserk Games has announced that it will permanently shut down the game’s global chat channels after a controversy over transgender chat moderation led to a competitive comment bomb campaign on Steam.The studio also donated $10,000 to National Center for Transgender Equality, an advocacy group dedicated to “increasing understanding and acceptance of trans people.”

The problems started when a desktop emulator user named Xoe was repeatedly kicked out of global chat for sharing the fact that she was gay, and was eventually temporarily banned. Similar heterosexual declarations have not sparked controversy, and efforts to clarify the matter have failed. When the situation became public, user reviews, both negative and positive (many containing actual homophobia and transgender sentiment) skyrocketed on Steam. Berserk Games ended up disabling global chat in an effort to improve its moderation policy, but has now decided to eliminate it entirely.