Destiny 2 Ascendant Lens finally came in handy in the 2021 Festival of Lost

Last year’s Festival of Lost destiny 2 — Halloween version in the universe — provides players with a seemingly useless gift: Ascendant Lens. Due to no obvious purpose, many guardians deleted the item from their inventory because players only have so much space to store such items. But a full year later, Bungie provided generous rewards for fans who insisted on using Ascendant Lens throughout 2021.

As early as 2020, when Guardians are still engaged in the frequently reused Haunted Forest activity, they may stumble upon a secret mission. After opening 45 chests with the special currency of the event, the spider will suddenly have a new task. But talking to NPCs on the tangled coast did not leave the player in any chasing dilemma. No, Spider only provides Ascendant Lens for players. And it was useless for a whole year.

Ascendant Lens is in Guardian’s limited inventory
Image: Bungie through polygons

When sitting in the inventory, fans can see the Ascendant Lens that says: “A focused lens from the City of Dreams, through which you can sometimes see the rising plane.” Considering the “Lost Season” in Ascendant Planes and Dreaming With the large number of transactions in City, Ascendant Lens seems to be an elaborate and lengthy tease of the year — or at least, it was a lucky accident, thanks to the delay of the Witch Queen.

However, as the 2021 Lost Festival kicked off on Tuesday, players discovered that the Queen of the Awakens, the main player in the story of the Lost Season, Mara Sov (Mara Sov), had a new exploration of the patient guardian. Holding Ascendant Lens in your inventory and talking with Mara will provide a wall of text with the title: Ascendant Lens. Mara basically tells the Guardians that this tool is useless in their hands, but very effective in Techeun’s hands-a kind of awakened witch. Then she handed the player a bag of Halloween gifts and told them to leave.

Mara Sov provides players with a gift that allows them to hand in ascending shots

A year later, Mara Sov explained Ascendant Lens
Image: Bungie through polygons

The “Bottomless Gift Pack” contains some special materials, three rolls of the new Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and 21 spectrum pages-providing a great advantage for players who wish to complete this year’s Festival of Lost.

Although this is certainly not a new Exotic mission or something truly exciting, it’s nice to see the Bungie Award destiny 2 Players who remain vigilant and believe that special circumstances may occur.With spiders and tangled coast ready to leave Destiny 2 exist Witch queen, I am glad to have the last Easter egg involving the grumpy Eliksni.