Destiny 2 Cross-Play Beta Runs May 25-27

Destiny 2The new cross-play feature was released a bit earlier by chance in the Season of Splicer, but now we have an honest beta that players can join. From Tuesday Destiny 2 Stadia, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows players can all dive in and play together. Bungy has announced some important restrictions With rewards as well as this system.

From May 25th to May 27th, players will be able to jump to the new Vanguard Strike playlist. This playlist will play against players from different platforms. Completing 3 strikes with this special playlist will give the Guardian a new Star Cross emblem. All players are eligible to take the beta test.

The Stars Crossed emblem is only available to cross-play beta testers.
Image: Bungee

Unlike earlier this season, the cross-play beta here applies only to Strike playlists and players cannot invite friends. Bungie is still aiming for a full cross-play feature Season 15 launch date. Season 15 will be released in August this year.

Players should expect more matchmade betas for activities like Crucible to emerge over the next few months.