Destiny 2 fans jump on leaks as proof new ‘Poison’ subgenre is coming

Be prepared to take this with a grain of salt in the Destiny 2 universe, but it seems like one of Bungie’s artists may have inadvertently caught a glimpse of the game’s next subgenre.The leak comes in the form of a clip allegedly posted to an Artstation account, as first reported Destiny Two Leaks on Twitter. I can’t confirm the attribution as the linked post has been removed, but – this is the internet – the clip is still easy to find. I have embedded it at the top.

At first glance, it just shows a Titan performing the “Dance of the Scythe” Terminator, which is part of the current season pass. However, cast your eyes to the bottom left and things get more interesting. The HUD elements are all green and do not match any subclasses currently in the game. Most interestingly, the super icon (that is, your ultimate) is also new. Lastly, the character has three melee charges available, which is not possible with any of the current classes in the game.

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