Destiny 2 fans waste hundreds of tokens due to a bug in the Iron Banner

Destiny 2Iron Banner, a monthly PvP spectacle, debuted on Tuesday at the Season of Splicer. This time, Sir Saladin, an iron banner vendor, brought some weapons.Two iron banner guns re-evaluated from past seasons and two new weapons Riiswalker shotgun And that Archon Thunder Machine Gun..

Unfortunately, the bug prevents new weapons from falling as expected. To make matters worse, Bungy couldn’t inform the Guardian of the bug until many players wereted iron banner tokens looking for new guns.

Iron banner is displayed only once a month Destiny 2, And provides players with a unique version of the control game type (captures the zone). When a player completes a match, they will earn Iron Banner Tokens. Players can submit these tokens to Sir Saladin in exchange for Iron Banner weapons and armor. These Iron Banner items will also be removed from Match Completion, Seasonal Iron Banner Quests, and Saladin’s monthly bounties.

At EDT near 7 pm on Tuesday Bungie Help Tweet Archon’s Thunder and Riiswalker are currently only available from Saladin’s new “Leverage the Void” quest. Weapons do not drop after matches, bounties, or, in the worst case, token turn-ins.

Unlike some other currencies Destiny 2, IronBanner tokens will not expire between seasons. This means that the player can theoretically save tokens the next time Sir Saladin brings something new.And that’s just a lot of people (now angry) Destiny 2 The fans did.

Players jumped into Iron Banner and were able to spend almost 6 hours tokens before Bungie revealed the bug.This is a lot Posting to Destiny’s subreddit From players complaining about using hundreds or thousands of tokens without getting new weapons.

Many other players used Twitter to complain that they felt the drop rate was low or unlucky.

Players were even more annoyed when Bungie announced a bug on Bungie Help Twitter.

Other players, including content creators, have begun begging Bungie for a refund of useless Iron Banner tokens.

Bungie Help hasn’t provided bug updates since Tuesday, and Bungie’s community director hasn’t provided any updates either. It is currently unknown whether Riiswalker or Archon’s Thunder will enter Saladin’s loot pool until the next Iron Banner without any kind of update. Due to this complex issue, it is also impossible to know if Bungie will be able to refund the player’s useless Iron Banner tokens.

The Guardian is currently playing a waiting game while the bungee digs into the bug behind the scenes. We will update this post if Bungie provides an update.