Destiny 2 Player-Do not check out before the PVP game

Destiny 2 Players on PC have Urge not to log out and change video settings When loaded into PvP due to an error in the game or kicked out of the match during PvP. For those who play PvP game modes (such as the Trial of Osiris), this is a worrying issue, because exiting too many games in a short period of time may result in a temporary ban on the game.

Errors and errors do occur from time to time, but the special thing about this situation is that the error seems to be a temporary fix implemented by Bungie himself.polite Forbes, The bug has been deliberately implemented to solve some loopholes that players have been using to generate energy balls, which provide super energy when picked up. If used in PvP, this vulnerability allows players to generate a large number of these spheres, which provides a huge advantage. The exploit is easy to replicate and uses window mode to generate spheres.

According to Forbes, Bungie has been aware of this vulnerability for some time, but the recently released video showing the vulnerability forced them to implement temporary fixes while working to eliminate the vulnerability. In a perfect world, the bug would fly under the radar until they killed it in the bud, but it seems that this workaround allows Bungie to stop the exploit.

However, this workaround resulted in Some players Vent their dissatisfaction online, because exiting quickly before the game is what many players do for a variety of completely normal reasons (I know I tend to change the music during the game). Although frustrating, it seems that this is a problem that PC players with a single monitor have to deal with for the time being.

For Destiny 2 players, these are frustrating days. Just last week, Bungie announced that players who want to play the new dungeon in the upcoming Witch Queen expansion must either purchase the deluxe version or separately. Since this content was previously provided for free, it caused an uproar in the community.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Stadia on February 22.