Destiny 2 PSA: Stop what you’re doing, buy this gun now from Xur

So far, DMT can only be obtained through the Presage quest, which was recently removed from the game. (Image credit: Bungie)

Ahead of the release of The Witch Queen this Tuesday, many Destiny 2 players I know are still running Presage Exotic quests, hoping to catch a dead man’s tale with the perk Vorpal Weapon.Previously, there was only one chance per account, per week, to roll over the gun, and Seven possible benefits In a related column, it’s frankly a piece of crap. The Presage quest was a success with The Witch Queen, but to counteract that frustration, Bungie announced that weekend vendor Xur will be selling a random rolling Dead Man’s Tale each week. Don’t you know, he took out the goods right away.

If you head to the Winding Cove area in the European Dead Zone and climb the cliff to the left from the spawn, you’ll find the Tentacle Face for DMT (which we’ll call hereafter), complete with a Vorpal Weapon.

I hope you have more sparkle than me. (Image credit: Bungie)

The DMT is a bolt-action scout rifle that fires faster when fired from the hip. (Image credit: Bungie)

Why are benefits so popular? Well, in PvE DMT’s signature skull spikes, the damage stack for successful headshots keeps escalating. At 5x, it’s powerful enough to deal serious damage to primary enemies and bosses. Vorpal Weapon’s attack power against these enemies is increased by another 20%, making DMT very effective in endgame content such as Raids and Grandmaster Nightfall. In addition, there is an Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle mod in Artifact this season, further enhancing the usefulness of DMT. In short, it shreds champions and also allows you to kill small enemies from a safe distance.