Destiny 2: Roadmap and Calendar of the Lost Season

Four weeks later Destiny 2The lost season, Bungie Finally launched the calendar and roadmap For the game of the season. But unlike the previous timeline, which listed the exact dates of events and tasks, the calendar route map for “Lost Seasons” is surprisingly sparse.

The lost season is already in a unique position. Due to the postponement of the Witch Queen earlier this year, the lost season will last from August this year to February 22, 2022. This is a six-month season, in which seasons like Spliter and Chosen traditionally last only three. With the long season, Bungie has a lot of seasonal activities to squeeze into the lost season. With the Bungie 30th Anniversary add-on package launched later this year, the content drought should not be too unbearable.

This seasonal roadmap is broken down into blocks of months
Picture: Bunge

All events in the August-September block on the roadmap are available in the game: the trial rework (although Bungie still plays with it every weekend), new seasonal content, new weapons, and Ager’s Scepter Exotic missions.

The Lost Festival is the next major event in Destiny 2, and it will almost certainly appear in early October. This year’s Halloween double will provide players with a new activity-a haunted area instead of the haunted forest we have had for years. Players can also buy dinosaur armor voted by fans, Bungie was teased along with the classic monster from earlier this year.

Grandmaster Nightfalls will be launched on October 5th, which may be the same day as the Festival of Lost. At some point between October and November, players will get higher difficulty options for two main seasonal events: Astral Alignment and Shattered Realm. Based on other things that will definitely happen in October, we bet the difficulty option will pop up in early November.

The period from December to February is the longest, but it should contain some interesting content. The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event will begin on December 7th and will include paid and free content for players. Most notably, paying players can pick up the Gjallarhorn Exotic rocket launcher and travel through a new dungeon in the Cosmodrome.

December will also see the return of the dawn event—— destiny 2Double for winter vacation.The “victory moment” celebrating the end of the fateful year and the birth of the next year will also be unveiled before then Witch queenWill be launched on February 22, 2022. We bet that “Moment of Victory” will enter the game in early January, after the holiday.

Potential hidden secret missions and story moments are not shown on this roadmap.The Lost Season is a direct partner with the event Witch queen, A lot of stories need to happen between now and February. There may be an end-of-season event, similar to the end of the splicing season, planned to be held from early to mid-February to promote the new expansion of fans.

Although Bungie may release a more detailed road map that includes dates for some holiday activities, players may not have more than a week of preparation time before they start.