Destiny 2 Season Challenge Week 2 (Splicer Season)

Destiny 2: Splicer’s Week 1 Season Season Challenge arrived on May 11th. This guide will show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 14 Weekly Challenges are more complex than others. For advice on the fastest way to complete these seasonal challenges, especially Crack and Decrypt 1, Challenger Cryptography, and Season 14 Iron Sharpens Irons before they expire on August 24, see below. Please Confirm.

Safe harbor

Challenge: Talk to the Splicer Serbiter, complete Splicer 2’s pass and defeat the champion anywhere in the system. Bonus progress of the champion who lost in the override.

All you need to do for this challenge is to play the moon override and follow the steps of the quest. Even if you finish the week’s override, you can still win this challenge through strikes and other champion activities.

Theseus protocol

Challenge: Override to defeat the Minotaur boss and defeat powerful Beck’s anywhere in the system. The progress of the Vex bonus that was defeated by overriding the erasure.

If you miss this challenge this week, there may be a time limit. The Minotaur boss appears at the end of the Moon Override mission, which appears to be shifting weekly. Make sure to complete this when the month becomes available. Otherwise, you may have to wait.

Crack and decryption 1

Challenge: Unlock the Conflux Chest by completing the Override mission. Decode the season of Splicer Engrams with Prismatic Recasters. 15 confluence chests and 15 engrams.

You must use a keycode at the end of the override to unlock the confluence chest. Collect the necessary ethers in advance and make a key to the gauntlet. The 15 engrams that need to be focused should be splicer season engrams that can use HELM-decrypted data.

Auto Rifle Splicer

Challenge: Override to defeat combatants with auto rifles. Earn bonus progress by defeating them quickly.

This quest is as easy as possible. Just use the auto rifle in the override until the challenge is complete.

Light moon rising

Challenge: On the Moon, we will make progress by completing incentives, patrols, public events and lost sectors. 10 bounties.

Land on the moon and win as many prizes as you can hold. Just complete the activities around the moon until you finish the challenge. You may have to return to Ellis to get more repeatable prizes or wait until her daily prizes return the next day.

Challenger Cryptography

Challenge: Decrypt the prime engram. 5 in total.

This challenge is based on luck. Regularly get some prime engrams that fall to the ground. Decrypting 5 with Rahool ends this challenge.

Midrange calibration

Challenge: Adjust the midrange (hand cannon, auto rifle, fusion rifle, machine gun) on the moon. The progress of the bonus if you defeat the target rapidly.

Consider using the above weapons while playing Override this week.

Dredgin’Up Victory

Challenge: Exact match of Gambit. Earn bonus progress to win.

All you need to do here is play Gambit. If you play well, you can complete this challenge even faster.

Iron sharpens iron

Challenge: Completes the Iron banner match. Earn bonus progress to win.

All you need to do to complete this challenge is to play Iron Banner. The pitfall here is that the Iron Banner is only available for 3-4 weeks of the season. If you need this challenge, you need to make sure you’re playing when Iron Banner becomes available.

Anti-cabal sweep

Challenge: Defeat Cabal combatants with a strike. You can get bonus progress by defeating tougher combatants.

Cabal can be found on all types of strikes, including Inverted Spire and Arms Dealer. You can complete this challenge simply by running a strike playlist. If you want to complete the challenge faster, wait until Nightfall features Cabal to increase the difficulty.

Reward the Big Bright Dust Pile If you want to complete the Master of All Challenges by August 24th, be sure to complete all of these and the rest of the Season Challenges.